What Smartphone Is The Fastest In Canada Right Now? (December 2012)

If you were wondering what was the most current, fastest smartphone in Canada was, it’s the LG Optimus G. Sure, it may have the 2GB’s of RAM, and the 1.5Ghz quad-core (yes quad) processor, but to my eyes it’s just another Android phone that will become beat in the hardware category in just about 1-3 […]

Apple Removes Safari For Windows, and Google’s Youtube App For iOS 6

  The browser by Apple named Safari, which was offered in June of 2007 for the first time for Windows, has been pulled from the product page on Apple’s main website, which was actually as of July 26th of this year, but not too long ago. I didn’t know this until I started looking for […]

Mountain Lion “Golden Master” Seeded to Developers

The Golden Master (GM) version of OS X Mountain Lion has been seeded to Developers just recently today. The GM designation is designating the version of the software that is intended in being the very final version that will be released to the public, while barring any of the last-minute issues, and the build number […]

World’s First Solar Powered Guitar?

So this man is claiming to have invented the first ever solar-powered electric guitar. His playing sounds good, and especially on his own invention that he claims to be “solar-powered”. There is also a “solar-powered guitar” that is made by Tascam. Maybe it’s a scam?. Anyways they call it the “TC1S Solar Powered Guitar and […]

Parts For iPad 3 Compiled In Youtube Video, Smart Cover For iPad 2 Works Still


Though since we have already looked at and read the numerous stories all about the possibility of the iPad 3 with the photos of parts that were leaked all over the internet within the past few weeks, MIC Gadget was able to get their hands on a crapload of parts for the iPad 3 Rear […]

Father Shoots His Own Daughters Notebook For Angered Facebook Post

[youtube z-yWX7-tE7A] A father of a daughter named Tommy Jordan from North Carolina chose to teach his own daughter, being a 15-year old named Hannah, a new lesson by posting a video to the public on Youtube. She wrote a Facebook post in complaining of how difficult it is for her with living with her […]

Vehicle Smashes Into Restaurant After Driver Steps On Wrong Pedal


Stepping onto the gas pedal instead of the brake is for some reason something that commonly happens, which comes along with results that are catastrophic. Though, that was not the case here as ABC News reported that the three victims in the crash in San Diego, CA at a restaurant only suffered minor injuries just […]

HTC G1 Gets To Eat Some Iced Cream Sandwich

[youtube Ym4A82ft5pw] Despite the fact that Google’s Android OS update “Ice Cream Sandwich” has it’s source code available to the world, Engadget received a heads up that it has been put onto the first ever Google Android phone, which is HTC’s G1. This phone was last seen, using a unofficial Honeycomb port installed, but now […]

Over 200 Million Devices?, Yes Android Is Still Growing Strong


At the Google Music event last Wednesday, it was shared by Google that they have activated more than 200 million Android devices which goes to show that with more than 550,000 devices that have been added to that count each day, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. People actually took that to mean that the […]