Hide Your Windows Desktop As Fast As A Bullet Train With Rockets

Do you sit on the computer so long that your so entwined in what your doing so much that you would KILL anyone that walks through the door of your bedroom or office?. Do you want a “magic touch” key on your keyboard that will allow you to make EVERYTHING become invisible the second you […]

Micro SIM Cards A Thing Of The Past, Already?

The next thing is already here. It started off with being used in the iPad, the 3G models. There are basically two form factors for SIM cards, which is 2FF for regular sized SIM cards used in smartphones regularly, and now the “Micro-SIM” cards are 3FF. I dont get why the number is higher, but […]

Introducing Yumi, Boot ISO’s From USB Sticks (Freeware)

If you are looking for a free application for Windows that will allow you to save a crapload of blank DVD’s and CD’s when your trying to simply boot an ISO just to recover your files in Linux, or anything you can do with an ISO, Yumi is here for you. I found it on […]

New Protector For iPhones: “Hotspot Shield”

The well known free application for Windows and Mac (which is available here) for providing free anonymising protection while connected to Wi-Fi connections, was released for the iPhone today and also for the iPad and iPod Touch. It’s the first ever mobile move for the company AnchorFree. With the program calling itself the globes most […]