How The Corporate Tax Burden For Apple Was Minimized

In the very recently installment of the “iEconomy” series, a birds eye view look has been taken by The New York Times to see how Apple has minimized their corporate tax burdens, which is by taking advantage of a few legal maneuvers and also loopholes around the globe. The strategies made by Apple of course […]

Mac’s Virus-Proof?, Not Anymore! “Flashback” Hits Hard

Apparently, according to every damn Mac blog on the internet, the famous Mac computers that were known to be “virus-free”, are no longer. A trojan or virus you can say has infected over 600,000 Macs all over the globe according to a Russian malware analyst named Ivan Sorokin from Dr. Web. The bug has a […]

Steve Job’s Thought Gaming Was The Future Of Learning (Video)

[youtube 6kalMB8jDnY] This is a video was taken with Steve Jobs in 1990 which is quite interesting for two different reasons. One notable reason is that it is a clip where Steve shows how he pioneered his own famous “bicycle for the mind” analogy, which I myself have always thought to be the coolest thing […]

Cisco, Telia Pushes Out The Globes Fastest Internet Connection At 120Gbps

If these Swedish boys can actually make this happen then I want them to come down to Canada and give us some of this crap, I hate my limited 600Kbps connection!, thats the fastest available here… Anyways, Telia and Cisco are attempting to break the barrier in internet connection speeds of 120Gbps just at the […]

Holiday Sale For Friday Revealed By Apple, On November 25th


MacStories has noted that Apple has begun displaying teasers for their Black Friday sales coming up on Friday, November 25th. It was first seen on their online store for Australia and most likely will be going around the world throughout all online stores, following the normal retail stores of course. The special one-day Apple shopping […]

New Samsung Galaxy Gio, $150 Off-Contract

Here is the poor man’s version of the Nexus S. It made it’s way to Canada in August on the 8th, this year. This cheaper Android phone by Samsung has a OS bump to 2.3 ever since it was released, and debuted at the Mobile World Congress. Though it still came along with the boring […]

Best Earphones On The Planet

Shown is the all-new JH Audio molded-customly in-ear phones with JH-3A amplifiers (source: JH Audio) At the Denver Marriett Tech Center Hotel, was not only showcasing a variety of high-end audio designs, but at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest for 2011 that was the event, brought forward some headphone-fanatics some interesting products. In a show […]

Looking Back: “No Hacking Blizzard Games”

It was six years ago in a panel of the 8th Circuit of the US Court of Appeals that upheld (PDF) a lower court ruling in bars hacking Blizzard’s own online titles. And the people responsible were two programmers whom’s names were “Ross Combs” and “Rob Crittenden”. They created an open-source application called (BnetD) that […]