Ethernet vs Wireless, Which Is Faster?


While Ethernet is the traditional choice for the type of internet connection that is used in most homes or small businesses, sometimes it just makes sense to move to a Wireless network. But when the choice comes down to either or, depending on which is faster, usually Ethernet is the way to go. But consider [...]

Setting Up A Linksys DD-WRT Router With an ADSL Modem


Hey all, here is an update of success coming from the main man of TBOT. I recently had to set up a router for a DSL model for a friend of mine, and I ran into some brick walls since I’m getting older and my memory is getting weaker. I did remember that I can [...]

For Music & Smartphones, There Are No Oranges, Just Apples


The iPhone when paired with iTunes is the only reason I like that phone. I like the easy-to-use interface, and the non-duplicate-songs enabled feature. It’s not really a feature, but a part of the software. Most home stereos support iPods or iPhones for music playback, most people that want an iPod get the iPhone because [...]

Google Creating Wireless Home Entertainment Center

Apparently, Google is creating a wireless home entertainment center that is designed to be streaming music throughout the room it’s placed in, according to the Wall Street Journal. This new device would be made under the brand of Google and also would be created upon the Google Android OS. Google has already sold a few [...]

BCE & Rogers Now Have Apple iTV In Their Labratories, Used With Hand And Voice Gestures

It has been reported by The Globe and Mail that Apple is seeking partners in the release of the newest Apple TV, and they are hoping Rogers Communications and BCE Inc. will join them. “They’re not closed to doing it with one [company] or doing it with two,” said one source who is familiar with [...]

802.11ac 5G Gigabit Wi-Fi Expected For Adoption By Apple For 2012

It has been claimed by AppleInsider that Apple is now planning on integrating newer support for the newest and fastest 802.11ac Wi-Fi specification for their products coming up this year. The new 802.11ac standard achieves much faster wireless networking speeds than the existing 802.11n specification (in use on the latest Mac, AirPort and iOS devices) [...]

U.S. Cellular Has Apparently Turned Down iPhone Because Of “Unacceptable” Terms From Apple


FierceWireless has reported on comments from a U.S. Cellular CEO Mary Dillon, whom claims that the phone carrier has rejected Apple’s proposal for a deal to offer the iPhone because they considered Apple’s own terms “unacceptable”. This decision is not final though, and U.S. Cellular could offer the iPhone at some point in time in [...]

Launch Of iPhone By C Spire On Nov. 11th, With Unlimited Non-Streaming Data Plans & 500 Minutes for $50


U.S. carrier (regional) C Spire gathered headlines previously last month when they released details on them releasing the iPhone 4S in the oncoming weeks, being the now fourth U.S. mobile carrier to provide the iPhone, while being ahead of other larger carriers, with the most rememberable carrier being T-Mobile U.S.A. C Spire has confirmed officially [...]

Bluetooth 4.0 Becoming Smarter as iPhone 4S Creates Newer Opportunities


Directly after the release of the iPhone 4S being the first phone to support Bluetooth 4.0 as a standard, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has started promoting the newest technology under the newest “Bluetooth Smart” term in marketing. In a issued press release on October 24th, 2011, the Bluethooth SIG outlined different types of [...]

iPod Just Turned 10 Years Old On October 23rd, 2011


Ten years ago from last October 23rd, 2011, it was announced by Steve Jobs of the first ever made iPod, a mass storage MP3 player that no one I ever knew at my age at that time could afford. All MP3 players at that time were only lower-capacity storage capable because it was just the [...]