How You Can Still Use Safari For Windows


It was a shame when Apple removed support for Safari for Windows on June 26th, 2012. But you can still use version 5.1.7, and I’ll give some simple instructions on how to get it. 1. Go here, click on Download on the far right that is a generic Blue button, you won’t miss it. 2. Go [...]

Does Defragging My Computer Really Help & Make It Faster?


So the question my mother asked me was, “do I really need to defrag my computer, does it help my computer and make it faster?”. My answer was at the time, “I don’t know I’ve never done it or done the research”. Well, anyways, the research has been done and now I have the results [...]

How Do You Block AOLSystemMsg?


Honestly, when I first wrote the title of this post I almost published it with “How Do You Blog AOLSystemMsg?”. Anyways, this is the one bot from AOL that tells you that you are logged onto your one account in two places. Though even though it’s handy if you only ever log onto AIM or [...]

How To Get Music Off Your iPod/iPhone In Windows (iPad May Work Too)


Alright people, I just discovered a way to get your music off your iPod or iPhone (and possibly your iPad) without needing software like Yamipod, which only works half the time. I’ll explain what Yamipod is at the bottom of this post, incase this tutorial confuses you, but it shouldn’t for most computer literate people, [...]

Can’t Update Starcraft 2 from 1.4.4 to 1.5 in Windows?


Yes, it is happening to me too, and yes, you are not alone. But here is my fix, and a fix for the rest of you going through the same problem, thanks to this link. Right click on “Starcraft II.exe” and click on “Run as Administrator”. Then you will get this window: Then it will [...]

Xbox Music Service By Microsoft Including Downloads, Streaming and Cloud Storage?


Just earlier this month, it was said by MacRumors that Microsoft was taking a major attempt at pushing their own products into the living room, while using their Xbox 360 hardware as a media hub for streaming video content and also a “SmartGlass” application for numerous different platforms which would allow two-way Airplay-like wireless streaming [...]

How To Run Android Apps On The Mac


If you want to see the tutorial first then scroll to halfway down this page, below (in other words the top of this page) is the news behind this new app for the Mac. It has been announced by Bluestacks, that with their software for the Mac,  you can now run Android applications on the [...]

Mac’s Virus-Proof?, Not Anymore! “Flashback” Hits Hard

Apparently, according to every damn Mac blog on the internet, the famous Mac computers that were known to be “virus-free”, are no longer. A trojan or virus you can say has infected over 600,000 Macs all over the globe according to a Russian malware analyst named Ivan Sorokin from Dr. Web. The bug has a [...]

Market Capitalization Of Apple Reaches $600 Billion

The stock within Apple has been continuing to bring in a remarkable amount for this year of 2012, which moves everything up 1% just today to only briefly hitting the market capitalization of just around $600 billion. This milestone comes in at just under six weeks just after reaching the $500 billion milestone, and now [...]

Peazip, An Archive Manager The Size Of A Pea

Source: Me

Nothing beats a an archive manager or file extracter the size of a pea, and that is for Windows and Linux. It’s not for Mac of course, and I’m okay with that since there is always muCommander. I’ve been using this archive manager for quite some time, after getting tired of using ExtractNow because it [...]