Get A Phone Call, SMS Text or Email When Your Website Is Down


It’s a big deal when your website decides to stop working. It’s nice to know when it happens, too. Well now there are services out there that can notify you by a phone call, SMS text or even through email to let you know, so you can do something about it. Pingdom is the only [...]

Oh Yeah!, Mark Zuckerburg Just Got Married Eh?!


According to The Providence and every other blog or website in the world Mark Zuckerburg got married to Prscilla Chan and so far 1,523,545 people like this. While there are people questioning what kind of agreement was signed by the couple in terms of what would happen in between the two if a divorce was [...]

Slightly False Advertising Of Siri By Apple In Advertisements Leads To Getting Sued

It has been reported by The Wall Street Journal that the target is now Apple for a newer lawsuit coming from an iPhone 4S customer who is claiming that the company is engaging in a “deceptive and misleaded” advertising promotion for their personal assistant, Siri as being a feature of the device. Frank Fazio, the [...]

How To Create A Signature For Your Windows Live Hotmail Messages


So you want to put a signature into your Hotmail emails eh?, well here’s how to do exactly that. Firstly you have to start off with logging into your Hotmail account, and you will see at the top right of your screen in the web page when you are in your Inbox, click on Options, [...]

Gyroscope Friendly Panorama Posted By Apple Of Their Grand Central Retail Store Opening

The Next Web noted that Apple has just posted a 360-degree panorama of their Grand Central Terminal retail store on the opening day, which shows the big crowds and also the new store generally in context of the huge terminal building. In this panorama it supports gyroscope input on the iOS devices that are supported, [...]

Will Yacy Take Over The Web, Taking Google With Them?

Yacy, the newest open source project from the German search company was dropped into the giant web and has been crawled, being brought to us by the Free Software Foundation of Europe (FSFE) which has revealed this peer-to-peer search engine that utilizes the networked systems to index the web and bring in search results. There [...]

Steve Jobs Celebration Video Posted By Apple From October 19th, 2011


A video was posted on Apple’s website of Steve Job’s memorial and or celebration was taken on Apple’s own campus, October 19th, 2011. The video is 80 minutes long, and you can download it off Apple’s site additionally. All Apple retail stores were closed during the event so all employees could watch it, as Apple [...]

Add-Ons For Firefox, Best Combo For Blocking Pop Ups Ever


So I was search for a reliable pop-up blocker for Firefox (as it is the browser I’ve been using for 6-8 years now, nothing has convinced me to switch to any other browser), and so I searched on Google (and I forget what keywords I used) and I found a suggestion someone made on Yahoo [...]

Tethering For Internet On iPhone On AT&T To Come with iPhone OS 4.0

A feature discovered in the current iPhone 4.0 Beta is a new setup wizard for tethering your iPhone for internet on your laptop/desktop. This page warns AT&T users that to configure the tethering, you must call AT&T at 611 or you can visit their website.  This new warning aparently shows that AT&T could finally be [...]

Google Chrome to Integrate Adobe Flash (Smartest Move Ever)

Announced recently, Google has released new builds of it’s new browser “Google Chrome” with an integrated flash player plugin (Adobe’s), which will get rid of the habit of people having to install the damn file every time you load a page for the first time in each new browser. Flash is a huge requirement for [...]