“Eyes Free” Siri Integration Confirmed by GM For New Vehicles In Next 12 Months

Source: Dsc.discovery.com

General Motors is at the top for being one of the first automakers to be supporting the “Eyes Free” feature by Apple with iOS 6, as said by GMAuthority. A dedicated Siri button will be placed on the steering wheel for Eyes Free, which gives users the ability to control their iPhones without moving their [...]

Conference With Job’s @ D10 Now Available On Video & Audio

The interviews with just Job's come in at in between 45 mins to 95 mins per video.

It was announced by AllThingsD with the release of the video and audio podcasts that goes all over the six on-stage interviews with Steve Job’s on-stage showcases at the D Conference in between 2003 and also 2010. [B]y far the largest trove of video of the legendary innovator candidly answering unrehearsed questions and explaining his [...]

15-Inch MacBook Air Coming In April? Reports Of nVidia Issues Too :(

It has been reported by Electricpig that they have heard rumors from a accessory manufacturer of Mac’s that Apple may just be preparing the release of a 15-inch MacBook Air sometime in April this year. And what is coming? If you take our source’s word for it, a 15-inch MacBook Air with ports on both [...]

Steve Job’s Thought Gaming Was The Future Of Learning (Video)

[youtube 6kalMB8jDnY] This is a video was taken with Steve Jobs in 1990 which is quite interesting for two different reasons. One notable reason is that it is a clip where Steve shows how he pioneered his own famous “bicycle for the mind” analogy, which I myself have always thought to be the coolest thing [...]

HTC G1 Gets To Eat Some Iced Cream Sandwich

[youtube Ym4A82ft5pw] Despite the fact that Google’s Android OS update “Ice Cream Sandwich” has it’s source code available to the world, Engadget received a heads up that it has been put onto the first ever Google Android phone, which is HTC’s G1. This phone was last seen, using a unofficial Honeycomb port installed, but now [...]

Martin, Is Me Flying To Work With This $86,000 Jetpack Possible?

If you have ever seen those movies where the man in some suit flies in the air, without being in a Jet or Plane, and not falling down but going up, Superman ain’t saving crap in this article. But a man named Martin is, and he has said to fulfilled many dreams by creating a [...]

SiriProxy Brings In Voice Recognition For Third Party Applications (Video Included)

If you want to go ahead and rewind your head and think back to earlier this week, and you may just remember a new clever proxy server from @plamoni that allowed Siri’s control of the thermostat, with spoken commands. Now with the same kind of engineering, has been enabled and exploited to provide voice recognitiion [...]

Over 200 Million Devices?, Yes Android Is Still Growing Strong

At the Google Music event last Wednesday, it was shared by Google that they have activated more than 200 million Android devices which goes to show that with more than 550,000 devices that have been added to that count each day, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. People actually took that to mean that the [...]

ARTISTdirect.com Teams Up With Puscifer In Premiere Of "Conditions of My Parole (Directors Cut)"

  ARTISTdirect.com has joined arms with Puscifer in premiering the directors cut of “Conditions of My Parole”, the music video. All that surrounds the efforts put into their second debut album, Conditions of My Parole, has been supremely awesome, with the directors cut music video for “Conditions of My Parole” being the single that raises [...]

Apple Employees Created Music Video Teaching Customer Skills For Serving Customers

This video was made by all of the staff at the Apple Retail Store as a way to entertain, and train their workers the customer service strategy. This strategy was based upon the Ritz Carlton Hotel, which is widely known as the gold standard in customer service, allowing workers from Apple Retail Stores to help [...]