Feature Phone “Pantech Marauder” On For $50 w/ Contract Through Verizon

One of the specific goals of Verizon is to pursue specific phone users to take on smartphones, that will increase their profits (the carriers) to bring the contract to the duration of a two year period. Though, most will be restraining from buying a smartphone because of how some may be intimidating about the deal, […]

Samsung offering Special Edition Galaxy S III for Developers @ $599 on Verizon

Just as the announcements came out in regards to the Samsung Galaxy S III for Verizon Wireless, came a locked boot loader as well. As numerous Android fans were annoyed of course. Verizon’s only GS III smartphone had arrived with a locked boot loader; other carriers offering the GS III actually had boot loaders that […]

Once Again, Apple Is The Globe’s Most Valuable Brand


“Brand value” is something that is always hard to compete with, or compare with even. The different methodologies that are used by all those companies are measured in between the data that yields the markedly different results in between. Though if you track the year-to-year movements that have been made with a consistent methodology one […]

Verizon Ending Unlimited Data Plans For Existing Users With 4G Switch


Verizon, the U.S. mobile carrier is making plans to end all unlimited data plans for their existing customers for their smartphones and the plans will be switched over to the family data-sharing programs as the customers are switching over to LTE data plans. Regularly the iPhone was originally offered with an unlimited data plan when […]

Verizon’s Sales Of iPhone’s Quadrupled To 4.2 Million As Of New Holiday Quarter

Fran Shammo, the Verizon Wireless Chief Financial Officer participated today in the Citi Global Entertainment, Media & Communications Conference, while a part of his own participation includes the revealing of the numbers of sales of the iPhone from the carrier, Verizon. As already noted by StreetInsider.com, it was announced by Shammo that Verizon who sold […]

Data Plans Being Shared To Be Likely Offered By Verizon By 2012

It has been reported by Fierce Wireless on their own comments coming from Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam which is where he is acknowledging that the carrier will be planning to be releasing shared data plans within 2012. While it totally depends, the sharing details have not been fully explained yet, but the carrier may allow […]

96% Of iPhone 4S Customers Happy Survey Finds


ChangeWave, a research firm released today some data results of an earlier survey from November, which is across 200 owners of the iPhone 4S, where they found that 96% of them registered to be “very happy” or at least “somewhat satisfied” with their iPhone 4’s, which is up from the 93% findings from the iPhone […]

iTether Offers Internet Tethering On iPhone For One Time Fee Only


Somehow, Tether.com had somehow gotten into the App Store, being approved by Apple, as a comparison application called “iTether”. The App Store application going for $14.99, gives users the option to share the iPhone’s own internet connection with a PC or Mac directly over USB. Tether is an application that allows your Mac and PC […]

$199 Price Tag Rumor For Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Leaked Verizon Advertises

A number of days ago, it was reported that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was not going to be released until around December. Speculating rumors went around which is where it was indicated previously that it would be released sometime maybe during November. Though it’s looking to be untrue, in fact it’s not that case at […]

If You Had A Choice, How Would You Change The Motorola Droid 3?

If you can believe this or not, the Droid 3 by Motorola was just shipped last July. It kind of feels like 1000 years ago, though for some who spent a few months playing around with what used to be the top notch phone offered by Verizon, here’s your only chance to voice your own […]