Samsung Makes Fun Of iPhone Fans In Galaxy II Advertisement

A new commercial has surfaced of the new Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone which promoting the competition against the new iPhone and it’s fellow fans that lined up at retail stores nationwide to buy it. It mocks the fact that these people are also lining up for an iPhone 4S that is the same design [...]

Apple Reels In Production Of iPad 2 Displays, As iPad 3 Productions Rolls Out

It has been reported by Digitimes that Apple has reeled in their fourth quarter orders of displays for the iPad 2, the displays, which with this decision it could mean a strategy to start preparing for the release of the iPad 3 for sometime earlier next year to be released, rather than a shorter fall [...]

Patent Cases Against Apple Building Up From Samsung Within 2012

With the recent commitment in stepping up their attacks against Apple with claims over a patent infringement that is related to 3G technologies, it appears that Samsung is set to push out into their primary phase for their campaign during the first two quarters of 2012. WIth some posturing initially being seen in some earlier [...]

October’s Sales Of Mac’s Hits Record Of 5 Million Units For This Quarter

It has been reported by AppleInsider that a new research that was done by Piper Jaffray and analyst Gene Munster both share data on the U.S. Mac sales for this month of October from the NPD. And according to the data coming from NPD, the sales of Apple’s Mac’s were up 19% year-over-year which puts [...]

Man Behind Siri Voice For UK “Daniel” Speaks Up

A number of years ago, Jon Briggs did a voiceover job for a firm called Scansoft. The company later on merged with Nuance, which makes the voices that Apple used in their Siri. It was said by Briggs, telling the UK Telegraph: “I did a set of recordings with Scansoft five or six years ago, [...]

Admitted By Logitech, Google TV Set-Top Box A “Mistake”

Google announced last year of their Google TV with an introduction to the market, with their software being intended in integrating the television content to revolutionize the Television watching experience. Logitech was one of the key hardware partners with helping Google and their TV box, from which they offered their “Revue” set-top box for Google’s [...]

Apple Ramping Up iPhone 4S Ads, Three Newer Ad’s, Showing Off iCloud, Siri, Camera

Apple is ramping up their iPhone 4S ads, and they’ve posted three newer advertisements on their Youtube channel. The newer advertisements focus on features that are specific to be found on the iPhone 4S and iOS5, and Siri, iCloud and last but not least the new Camera in the iPhone 4S. This counts as the [...]

U.S. PC Market Share Of Apple Goes Up To 12.9% for 3Q 2011

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In the firm of Gartner, research has been done today and has been released to show the preliminary PC shipment data for the third fiscal quarter of 2011. It shows a picture of the market performance during this quarter. Pushing from the strength of the release of the MacBook Air, Apple went through an aggressive [...]

Tethering For Internet On iPhone On AT&T To Come with iPhone OS 4.0

A feature discovered in the current iPhone 4.0 Beta is a new setup wizard for tethering your iPhone for internet on your laptop/desktop. This page warns AT&T users that to configure the tethering, you must call AT&T at 611 or you can visit their website.  This new warning aparently shows that AT&T could finally be [...]