New Bond Movie Trailer Falls To Earth; Skyfall

The very first trailer for the new Bond movie which is the 23rd James Bond movie ever has arrived and it’s made a mess while hitting earth head on. As it tells all of us very little, I am definitely still looking very forward to this movie, Skyfall. As we can see some good examples […]

The Next Bourne Movie Is Here; The Bourne Legacy


Apparently, Jason Bourne was just the top of the ice burg. And a man that I’ve seen in alot of action movies named Jeremy Renner, whom normally is the un-main character, and instead being just “the other guy” in those action movies, he is now playing the main actor to this new action-packed sequel to […]

Voice Recognition Interfaces In Preporation For TV Industry For 2012


It has been reported by Businessweek regarding a movement that is going towards voice recognition enabled TV remotes in the coming months, up to a year from now. This decision has been triggered by Apple’s own plans in entering the TV market in the coming months aswell. It was said by Steve Jobs that he […]

Die Hard 5: A Good Day To Die Hard Coming In 2013

A rumor is lurking around the internet and now it`s an official rumor that Bruce Willis tossed his own salad and gave in to the reporter interviewing him that Die Hard 5 is almost complete and is coming out in 2013. The other source that gave up the “just of it” was Fox News: Fox […]

Set To Premiere May 23, 2011: Modern Warfare 3

Announced recently by Activision on their Facebook page, the game “Call of Duty 8: Modern Warfare 3” will be premiering during the Western Conference Finals. In their own words, “Stayed tuned for Modern Warfare 3 World Premiere on May 23rd during game 4 on the Western Conference Finals on ESPN,” as said on the page, […]