New Bond Movie Trailer Falls To Earth; Skyfall


The very first trailer for the new Bond movie which is the 23rd James Bond movie ever has arrived and it’s made a mess while hitting earth head on. As it tells all of us very little, I am definitely still looking very forward to this movie, Skyfall. As we can see some good examples [...]

The Next Bourne Movie Is Here; The Bourne Legacy

Apparently, Jason Bourne was just the top of the ice burg. And a man that I’ve seen in alot of action movies named Jeremy Renner, whom normally is the un-main character, and instead being just “the other guy” in those action movies, he is now playing the main actor to this new action-packed sequel to [...]

Voice Recognition Interfaces In Preporation For TV Industry For 2012

It has been reported by Businessweek regarding a movement that is going towards voice recognition enabled TV remotes in the coming months, up to a year from now. This decision has been triggered by Apple’s own plans in entering the TV market in the coming months aswell. It was said by Steve Jobs that he [...]

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Announced!, It’s About Time People!!!!!


So I just got this email from Rockstargames, and they just announced the trailer for Grand Theft Auto V (5). This is freaking awesome news. I feel good to be blogging about it at the time of receiving the email. I was getting tired of hearing about “L.A. Noire” as it wasn’t a game that [...]

Die Hard 5: A Good Day To Die Hard Coming In 2013

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A rumor is lurking around the internet and now it`s an official rumor that Bruce Willis tossed his own salad and gave in to the reporter interviewing him that Die Hard 5 is almost complete and is coming out in 2013. The other source that gave up the “just of it” was Fox News: Fox [...]

Battlefield 3 Launch Trailer Out

[youtube Q7GVSx7yMaA] Climbing it’s way to the high number of 60 industry awards, Battlefield 3 is out just next week and people may or may not be lined up at retail stores as it should be available through the digital download service. This launch trailer shows gamers some insight on the intense single player campaign, [...]

Set To Premiere May 23, 2011: Modern Warfare 3


Announced recently by Activision on their Facebook page, the game “Call of Duty 8: Modern Warfare 3″ will be premiering during the Western Conference Finals. In their own words, “Stayed tuned for Modern Warfare 3 World Premiere on May 23rd during game 4 on the Western Conference Finals on ESPN,” as said on the page, [...]