Apple Attempts To Take Domain


Since there’s been alot of debates over the question if Apple will be naming the upcoming iPhone the “iPhone 5”, “iPhone 6”, or just a general name like “iPhone” still remains a question. The newest iPad was named the new “iPad”, not the “iPad 3”. It has been noted though, by Fusible that a claim […]

Andreas Hestler Shows Us How To Shift Gears Properly

As a new mountain biker finds out how each and every lever motion shifts to a harder or easier gear, making pedalling easier, she or he will know how to shift correctly right?. Though to stop just being a mis-shifter with grending the bike gears when they cannot find the right gear, it all takes […]

Data Plans Being Shared To Be Likely Offered By Verizon By 2012

It has been reported by Fierce Wireless on their own comments coming from Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam which is where he is acknowledging that the carrier will be planning to be releasing shared data plans within 2012. While it totally depends, the sharing details have not been fully explained yet, but the carrier may allow […]

Apple Stacking Up 4″ Screens In Stock For Upcoming iPhone?

It has been claimed by Macotakara, that the Displays from Hitachi and Sony’s Display Corporation have started shipping out 4″ LCD’s for the newest upcoming iOS device, which is rumored to be released next year sometime in September. According to Asian source, Hitachi Displays, Ltd. and Sony Mobile Display Corporation started to ship 4-inch LCD […]

Apple Taking Blue Pill For MBP GPU Chips?, nVidia In The House!

It has been reported by SemiAccurate that Apple will be moving back to the chips of nVidia going from AMD, as their graphics chip maker for the newer upcoming next-generation MacBook Pro’s, which offer good quality graphics. This move is coming right after Apple just already completed their effort for the multi-year transition of their […]

Coming To The iPad: “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

The classic for most of our childhoods: A Charlie Brown Christmas is making it’s way over to the iPad as a book that is interactive and Mashable describes it as “like magic, and “spectacular”. The application will be turning the 1965 TV special into a childrens book that is interactive for them, which provides kids […]

Updates To App Store, Chinese Yuan, iPad Swiping, Kindle Fire Leads Into Amazon Lawsuit


There’s been news for the App Store that have been circulating around for the past day so far, and here is a summary of what is some of the most prominent items featured: – Swiping of iPad: MacStories noted that Apple has worked on their navigation for their iPad App Store, now giving users the […]

Apple Reels In Production Of iPad 2 Displays, As iPad 3 Productions Rolls Out


It has been reported by Digitimes that Apple has reeled in their fourth quarter orders of displays for the iPad 2, the displays, which with this decision it could mean a strategy to start preparing for the release of the iPad 3 for sometime earlier next year to be released, rather than a shorter fall […]

Samsung Denies In Seeking Ban Of iPhone 4S in Korea, Victory In Source Code Access

As reported by The Chosunilbo (aka The Next Web), Samsung has decided just randomly at the last second requested not to have an injunction in banning the sale of the iPhone 4S in their home country of South Korea. The report says that the decision had spurred by the public relations’s own considerations, but with […]

The Google Nexus Giveaway Contest

So you have already read on why the new update from Google for their Android OS, “Ice Cream Sandwich” and why it is so good, well you are probably aware of the Galaxy Nexus too. Well apparently it’s not out yet, but carriers have yet to release it. Well for the time being, Google is […]