Premiere Of “The Fourth” By Feersum Ennjin Feat. Tool’s Own Danny Carey

The new band that is brought together by the leader Paul D’ Amour (as shown above) as he is the former bassist for Tool, has put together a band named Feersum Ennjin, and they are releasing their first album on November 22nd, 2011. The date of release was delayed by a week, which was originally [...]

While Verizon & Sprint Obtain iPhone, AT&T Users Remain Loyal

It has been reported by MarketWatch about comments that were made from AT&T executive Glen Lurie saying that their carrier’s “churn rate” has been remaining quite steady ever since Verizon and Sprint started offering their iPhone a little earlier this year. Observers normally expected that AT&T could be experiencing a high amount of user defection [...]

Apple’s Steve Jobs “Person of the Year” by Time Magazine

News Anchor Brian Williams from NBC Nightly News, has nominated Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs for the magazine subscription “Time Magazine” as being the “Person of the year” award, but unfortunately Steve Jobs is unable to show up to take the award. It is aid by Williams that the speech he made for nominating Jobs goes [...]

“Forgotten And Lost” Steve Jobs Interview To Be Shown In Theaters

Fans of Apple, and fans of Steve Job’s will probably have to set their reminders on their iPhones for Wednesday and Thursday, which is November 16th, and 17th. These are the days that the interview with Jobs will be set to be shown on Landmark Theaters in a number of cities in the United States. [...]

Commission in Europe Opens Investigation Into Samsungs Patent Threats Against Apple


This patent dispute is between Samsung and Apple, but has certainly been pretty well-documented as it’s been expanded to encompass a number of different lawsuits and other complaints that were filed by both sides in a few different countries. The offensive portion of Samsung’s case is centered on a 3G-related petents that they own, but [...]

Sum 41 Releases New Album “Live At The House Of Blues, Cleveland”


I know, your not that excited to hear about a new album from Sum 41, being just live recordings. But for the fans out there, you can watch it as of today. The date of the recordings was on September 15th, 2007. It’s available on iTunes currently. And as we wait for a real new [...]

“The Gladiator” versus “300″

So “The Gladiator” and “300” have something in common. Both movies not only have famous actors in them, but both follows KIND of the same story line and in the same point in history. When “The Gladiator” first came out it was just when I got into high school, and people were saying it was [...]

“The Shawshank Redemption”: Quite Possibly The Best Movie Of All Time

Quite possibly the best movie of all time. Above all, it is a movie about a man who gets framed for killing his wife, and innocently taken into a prison for life. Little does anyone know, but he has found hope within himself and no one knows why during the whole period of time he [...]

Just Another “The Social Network” Review

“The Social Network” was reviewed by a site called which is normally a site, in my own opinion, with skewed reviews of good movies I like. But for once they gave a good review for this good movie, thank you Rottontomatoes critics. It cannot get any better than 96%. And there words for the [...]

The Top Eleven Bank Robbery Movies Of The Twentieth Century

So there are a lot of blog posts on this subject. There’s a lot of them that show movies from the stone age that I seriously would never sit down and watch. I am going to perfect this list and also list movies from the stone age at the bottom just in case any readers [...]