Apple’s Terms In Deal Of Grand Central Terminal Retail Store Released

It has been reported by The New York Times on details regarding the contract within Apple and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), for their Grand Central Terminal retail store being renovated currently, which notes that Apple has been getting a very extreme and favourable deal for the space concerning it being compared to the tennants [...]

Google Says “Google Music” Is Being Released Next Week

Apparently Google will be unveiling their “Google Music” service as of November 16th, 2011. The Internet giant started emailing invites to users to an event day that they are calling “These Go To Eleven.” Which is a reference apparently, of course to the mockumentary “This is Spinal Tap” and their leader guitarist Nigel Tufnel who [...]

U.S. Cellular Has Apparently Turned Down iPhone Because Of “Unacceptable” Terms From Apple


FierceWireless has reported on comments from a U.S. Cellular CEO Mary Dillon, whom claims that the phone carrier has rejected Apple’s proposal for a deal to offer the iPhone because they considered Apple’s own terms “unacceptable”. This decision is not final though, and U.S. Cellular could offer the iPhone at some point in time in [...]

Commission in Europe Opens Investigation Into Samsungs Patent Threats Against Apple


This patent dispute is between Samsung and Apple, but has certainly been pretty well-documented as it’s been expanded to encompass a number of different lawsuits and other complaints that were filed by both sides in a few different countries. The offensive portion of Samsung’s case is centered on a 3G-related petents that they own, but [...]

Czech Mobile Carrier Rejects iPhone Over “Business Terms” With Apple


It has been briefly reported by Bloomberg that Czech carrier Telefonica/O2 is apparently announcing that it will be rejecting the iPhone and all of it’s models because they are rejecting Apple’s “business terms”. Telefonica Czech Republic AS won’t sell Apple’s new iPhone 4S and will end sales of all Apple’s models because of Apple’s business [...]

Apple Releasing iTunes Movie Offerings Across A Dozen Different Countries

Estonian iTunes Store Movie Listing

Last month, later on, Apple released their iTunes Music Store in 12 additional European countries, with the new updated Terms and Conditions for users in those countries to address TV show content despite those options that were not bad in the newer countries. It appears now though, that Apple has started cranking out iTunes Store [...]

AT&T Brings Up Upgrade For iPhone Terms On Day Before WWDC Keynote

Just before the day of the WWDC 2010 Keynote, it’s understood that this could be a big possibility of the new iPhone release. AT&T apparently changed their terms for the requirements for many customers to get one. Meaning that alot of readers who were not eligible to purchase a new “subsidized” iPhone currently can now [...]