“Colors” Ad For 13″ MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display Shown By Apple On TV


  Apple has recently shown a new TV advertisement for the 13″ MacBook Pro with the Retina Display. This spot shows off a few different Apple applications just like Final Cut Pro, Mail, Aperture and also iTunes. The newest machine is being aimed at “the professional in everyone”. Introducing the new 13″ MacBook Pro. With [...]

Tim Cook Interview @ D10 Goes Well & Many Hints Arise

Source: Macrumors.com

So apparently Tim Cook said in his interview at D10 that Apple is going to double down on their secrecy of their products. This makes sense as leaks are made weeks before the release of any product. How could they prevent all of this?. Well that’s probably a secret too. But I’m sure he could [...]

Apple Showcases New Ads For iPhone 4S Siri Feature With Samuel L. Jackson and Zooey Deschanel

As noted by The Next Web, the newest advertisements for the iPhone 4S with the Siri feature were shown while the ESPN SportsCenter show was on TV just this afternoon, which featured actor Samuel L. Jackson ordering Siri to do things. And an update shows that this advertisement does appear to be officially from Apple, [...]

Lenovo Showcases TV Sandwhiched With Google’s Latest Android OS (With Voice Recognition)

Apparently, there has been rumors of Apple releasing their own actual Television set, and according to Cnet Lenovo is attempting to make an entry into the market themselves just before Apple, with a taste of Google’s own Android OS “Ice Cream Sandwich”, with voice recognition to compete with only a rumor of Apple using Siri [...]

New Beatles iTunes TV Advertisement Posted By Apple

A new Television advertisement has been added on Apple’s own YouTube page to promote The Beatles on iTunes. This new ad is named “Covers” which shows off many of the different album covers from The Beatles in fashion that is animated. This advertisement actually ends with saying “The Beatles on iTunes”. They first appeared on [...]

Voice Recognition Interfaces In Preporation For TV Industry For 2012

It has been reported by Businessweek regarding a movement that is going towards voice recognition enabled TV remotes in the coming months, up to a year from now. This decision has been triggered by Apple’s own plans in entering the TV market in the coming months aswell. It was said by Steve Jobs that he [...]

Next iMac To Offer TV Functionality?

It has been reported by Forbes on a newer research study coming from Wedge Partners’s own analyst Brian Blair that suggests that Apple may be bringing some newer aspects of their rumored TV set to the iMac with a refreshed one coming up in the first half of next year. Blair envisions the company pushing [...]

Apple Television (A6-Based) Coming In Three Different Sizes Going From 32-55 Inches?

It has been claimed by Smarthouse that they have received hints that Apple will offer their Television rumored to be released by 2013, to be offered in three different sizes which will be ranging from 32-55 inches, while the device being powered by a “new CPU”, (one can assume it will be the A6), is [...]

Sprint Rubs In “Unlimited Data” Recently Within iPhone Advertisement

A new commercial by Sprint reveals their unlimited data plan for the iPhone, showing their advantage over their own competitors. There are over half a million apps and counting on the iPhone. Apps that can take you anywhere, do anything. You might say there’s no limit to what this amazing device can do. So the [...]

Noah Wyle & George Clooney Vying In Playing Steve Jobs In Upcoming Film

It was previously last month that it was noted by Sony Pictures that they were apparently getting Aaron Sorkin to write his own screenplay of a film of adaptation of the authorized biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Though at that time, the former ER star Noah Wyle who played Jobs in a 1999 [...]