Bloomberg Says iPad Mini Coming This October At Same Time As iPhone 5

Just a few hours after the most recent overview of the reports of the iPad Mini potentially being a product that could be released this October from Apple, it has been said by Bloomberg that Apple will indeed by releasing the device this October, or at least announcing it and releasing it later on this […]

Will Microsoft’s new tablet break the “Surface” in it’s market?

On June 18th, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer held the “Surface” tablet at the launch party that was running Windows 8. The new tablets are apparently going to run Windows 8 and also Windows RT. Microsoft traditionally relies on their own PC partners in providing the hardware for their software, the Windows operating system. Is this already […]

Google Releases Cloud Storage “Google Drive” Their Storage Service


Today, Google revealed their Google Drive cloud storage services, which gives users 5GB’s of free storage that is integrated with Google Docs and other services provided by Google. [youtube wKJ9KzGQq0w] Today, we’re introducing Google Drive—a place where you can create, share, collaborate, and keep all of your stuff. Whether you’re working with a friend on […]

Uh, Google Market, Is Now Google Play?!

All of the sudden when I updated the “Android Marketplace” on my Samsung Galaxy S it decided to make the original shortcut to the “Android Marketplace” on my home screen that I had made myself, not work!. I was like what the heck?, so I noticed after the updated finished and having gone into my […]

Is it OK to have a boring laptop?

I can say that I will agree that the 13-inch MacBook Pro is a winner for it’s title of being a “Pro” in the MacBook lineup, even though it’s now only either an “Air” lineup or a “Pro” lineup and the regular MacBooks are no longer. With the rumors speculating on a new Apple notebook […]

iPad Sales Untouched With Introduction Of Kindle Fire


As some reports had indicated already but turned out to be false now, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook had said just today that Apple didn’t see any reduction in the sales volumes of the iPad with the newest introduction of the Kindle Fire tablet.   When an analyst asked Tim in a earnings call […]

Future Devices Obscured By Apple With Hints In iOS 5.1 Beta 2 Showing Fake References


A huge hobby for some people that are interested in finding hints for future Apple iOS devices has been in the examination of a number of different configuration files in every beta version and public version coming from iOS and the newer entries that refers to the future of iOS devices. As the references actually […]

WebOS Turned Into Open Source By HP, Offering Unlimited Opportunities For Manufacturers’s Alternative To Android

It was announced today by HP that they will be making their “webOS” mobile operating system open source, as the OS was acquired when HP bought out Palm just last year. WebOS’s fate lies within uncertainty for now, since the August announcement from the company said that they would be spinning off their PC department […]

iOS Client “OnLive” Released For Gaming-On-Demand


OnLive, the Cloud gaming company has just recently revealed their newest playable OnLive client for the iPhone and iPad (via OnLiveInFormer and TouchArcade). OnLive, Inc., the pioneer of cloud gaming, announced that it is bringing console-class gaming to tablets and phones with the revolutionary OnLive app for tablet and mobile platforms. The latest, top-tier, high-performance […]

Apple Loses Battle Against Samsung In U.S. Injunction Towards Samsung

Over the “Scrollback” patent license, just late last week, a U.S. judge refused to give Samsung a preliminary injunction which would be blocking Samsung from marketting their Galaxy lineup of smartphones and also their tablets in the U.S., which would be setting Apple back in their efforts to try and take on Samsung for their […]