Apple Partnering With Groups Of Labor To Monitor Conditions Of Workplaces WIthin Factory Suppliers


It has been reported by Bloomberg that Apple has now agreed to allow the FLA (Fair Labor Association) to access the facilities of the manufacturers supplier factories to now monitor the conditions of the workplaces in the awakening of the recent publicity regarding the worker suicides that happened at one of Apple’s main factories which […]

MainStage and Logic Pro On It’s Way To The Mac App Store, No More Boxed Software


It was issued today by Apple, of a notice to all resellers in the announcement that they have discontinued their sotware of Logic Studio and also Logic Express audio packages in the boxed form, as they are headed to the Mac App Store, while also Logic Pro 9 and MainStage 2 components will be going […]

App Store Getting “Infinity Blade II” App With Extreme Visuals, Also Enhanced Gameplay

In the event by Apple called “Let’s Talk iPhone” last October, Epic Games previewed the visuals from Infinity Blade II which is the sequel to the game developers successful title that was released almost a year ago. Infinity Blade, using the Epic Unreal Engine 3, has been well known for it’s very stunning graphics and […]

A Debut Of The iTunes Music Store Across Latin America As Of December 8th?


It has been summarized by The Next Web through numerous reports from the media within Brazil with claims saying that Apple is making preporations to release their iTunes Music Store in Brazil and also maybe also throughout the Latin America on December 8th of this year. Some users in these countries currently already have access […]

As Predicted By Me, iTether App Get’s Pulled From App Store


Just a few hours within the time of this app becoming the top grossing application in the App Store, the teathering app called iTether has been removed by Apple from their app store. This app, being $14.99, went online on the App Store just last night, which allowed users to share their iPhone’s own internet […]

Apple Being Ranked 5th Busiest U.S. Online Retail Store During Black Friday


A research company named comScore just today revealed their data regarding the U.S. shipping ranks on Black Friday. It shows sales going strong in the $816 million range, which is up from 26% from the numbers from last year’s Black Friday. The data shows accordingly however, that Apple was the 5th busiest online retail store […]

Apple Offers Free Shipping For U.S. Orders Through December 22nd

It was noted by Apple today on their online store for the U.S. that all orders will be provided with free shipping through December 22nd. It simply requires a minimum of $50 in the order for it to qualify for free shipping, so this newest program from Apple givescustomers the option to save some dough […]

Apple Decides To Remove iPad Gaming Subscription Based App From Application Store


It was just the day before today that a newer report came up that Big Fish Games planned to release a gaming service that was subscription based, specifically for the iPad. A monthly fee was initially set for $4.99 per month, which allowed users to play numerous different games by Big Fish’s own created games […]

Apple Now Allowing iOS Subscriptions Of Gaming Services With App Store [New Updates]


It has been reported by Bloomberg that Apple is opening up a new class of offerings in the App Store, which allows the game publisher Big Fish Games to now offer a subscription monthly to a package that will be allowing users with access to a number of different games from the company, directly through […]