Retail Stores Within Chicago Through Virgin Mobile To Support iPhone 4S


As it was announced just earlier this month, the prepaid mobile carrier named Virgin Mobile by Sprint is releasing the iPhone tommorow, and the carrier has started taking orders just ahead of the official release. And as said on Bloombergs Businessweek, Virgin Mobile is trying to capitalize on their own publicity which is being generated [...]

Verizon Ending Unlimited Data Plans For Existing Users With 4G Switch

Verizon, the U.S. mobile carrier is making plans to end all unlimited data plans for their existing customers for their smartphones and the plans will be switched over to the family data-sharing programs as the customers are switching over to LTE data plans. Regularly the iPhone was originally offered with an unlimited data plan when [...]

Apple’s Name Brought Up In Lawsuit Against Carrier IQ’s Privacy Issues

Just late last week three law firms announced (through BGR) a filing of a class action lawsuit directly against Apple, Carrier IQ, and also five other different companies over the issues of privacy that is related to the logging software supplied by Carrier IQ. The defendants list is including also the hardware manufacturers Samsung, HTC, [...]

96% Of iPhone 4S Customers Happy Survey Finds

ChangeWave, a research firm released today some data results of an earlier survey from November, which is across 200 owners of the iPhone 4S, where they found that 96% of them registered to be “very happy” or at least “somewhat satisfied” with their iPhone 4’s, which is up from the 93% findings from the iPhone [...]

iTether Offers Internet Tethering On iPhone For One Time Fee Only

Somehow, had somehow gotten into the App Store, being approved by Apple, as a comparison application called “iTether”. The App Store application going for $14.99, gives users the option to share the iPhone’s own internet connection with a PC or Mac directly over USB. Tether is an application that allows your Mac and PC [...]

Beta References Of iOS 5.1 Unreleased Variant Of iPad 2 (iPad 2,4)


The SDK of iOS 5.1 Beta has shown a never before seen iPad product id, as said accordingly by 9to5Mac. The id of the product says “iPad2,4″, which is suggesting a variant that is minor of the current lineup of iPad 2’s. The iPad currently has the following number designations, which are showing comparisons based [...]

Apple Progressing In Making NFC-Enabled iPhone’s, For 2012?

With rumors circulating around the web, of if the iPhone 4S could be including near field communications (NFC) technology. (The rumors were that actually later on guessed to be negative, or not likely). It has been reported although, by Digitimes saying that Apple indeed is to be one of the vendors that are still expected [...]

Sprint Rubs In “Unlimited Data” Recently Within iPhone Advertisement

A new commercial by Sprint reveals their unlimited data plan for the iPhone, showing their advantage over their own competitors. There are over half a million apps and counting on the iPhone. Apps that can take you anywhere, do anything. You might say there’s no limit to what this amazing device can do. So the [...]

Study Nationwide States Points Out AT&T Has Fastest Speeds, Sprint Sucks

Metrico Wireless has said that in a study done the performance of the mobile measurement of AT&T, shows that they have the fastest iPhone 4S data speeds overall, for both upload and download speeds. The data speeds of Sprint is pretty much five times slower, which goes to show and echoes the earlier “anecdotal” reports [...]

iPhone’s AppleCare Now Available To Buy Within 30 Days Of Buying iPhone

During the launch of the iPhone 4S, Apple has released a new $99 AppleCare+ program that offers a longer warranty with damage coverage for accidental stuff. The package is moved and replaced with the $69 AppleCare that was offering but didn’t offer any accidental coverage. There was some confusion within the new AppleCare program as [...]