Easily Edit Your Images Online With Effects

Source: Pixlr.com

This website I never knew existed, and I’ve seen so many people’s Facebook photos with the effects from this site used in their images. So it’s time to test it out myself. I used the Webcam option and took a picture of some random part of my office. I thought that would be a cool […]

Can A 64 GB Micro SDXC Memory Card Work In An Unsupported Smartphone?

Source: PCMag.com So basically in September of 2011 the first 64GB Micro SDXC cards were showing up on the market which I believe SanDisk was the first to release them, though most newer mobile smartphones only support up to 32GB’s at that time and still currently. Even the latest Samsung Galaxy Note only supports up […]

Your Dream Job: NASA Posts Wanted Sign Over Astronaut Jobs


Are you ready to start a new career as fulfilling Master Chief’s dream as a child before he grew to be 200 years old into the future before he actually could use the Halo Suit?. An Astronaut is definitely the place to start, and if you start ringing the doorbell at NASA’s doorsteps, since the […]