BCE & Rogers Now Have Apple iTV In Their Labratories, Used With Hand And Voice Gestures

It has been reported by The Globe and Mail that Apple is seeking partners in the release of the newest Apple TV, and they are hoping Rogers Communications and BCE Inc. will join them. “They’re not closed to doing it with one [company] or doing it with two,” said one source who is familiar with [...]

Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code Released By Google

Developers can now download the new update apparently and it is said that Ice Cream Sandwich will be open sourced just shortly after the revealing of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, although the code has actually been made publicly just before the release of Google’s latest benchmarking phone. Member of the Android Open Source Project and [...]

Samsung Denies In Seeking Ban Of iPhone 4S in Korea, Victory In Source Code Access

As reported by The Chosunilbo (aka The Next Web), Samsung has decided just randomly at the last second requested not to have an injunction in banning the sale of the iPhone 4S in their home country of South Korea. The report says that the decision had spurred by the public relations’s own considerations, but with [...]

With Dozens Of Android App Markets, Which One Will YOU Choose?

There are those apps you find in the market that are the most downloaded, and there are those apps you find in advertisements that claim are free, and that’s where they make their money in their apps, within the ads on the application itself. But anyways it’s a win-win situation when we get a free [...]

Hands-On Claims with iPhone 5 Concept

With the redesigned “iPhone 5″ form factor failing to be leaked with the update last month with the introduction of the iPhone 4S, it has been suggested by sources that the next-gen iPhone will be expected to be debuted next year and indeed will be bringing in a whole new design. It has been reported [...]

BBX Smartphones From RIM Will Have Same Resolution/Aspect Ratio As PlayBook, BES Support Coming Too

Source: Engadget.com

Have you been wondering what Research In Motion has been planning despite them failing miserably in the smartphone market?. What if I was to say that they have something planned, and it’s their forthcoming product line of BBX-based handsets?. The company says it’s “derived” from at least some of their own inspiration from their Blackberry [...]

Samsubg Deposing Jony Ive, Including Other Apple Designers, Seeking iPhone 4S Source Code

Source: Macrumors.com

The battle between Apple and Samsung legally, continues to be a huge battle of rage within a few different countries, and Samsung will be going on the offensive with their recent attempts to obtain a testimony from Apple’s senior vice president Jony Ive including other Apple designers, aswell as receiving access to Apple’s iPhone 4S [...]

Super Thin 15″ Mac On It’s Way According To Sources

Current MacBook Air

Macotakara has written a follow-up report for Macrumors’s July report of work on a ultra-super-thin 15″ Mac Notebook that it may be getting closer to being released very soon: according to asian source, Apple seems already to have finished to develop MacBook Air 15″ LCD test component to add its line-up and to go product [...]

Apple’s Own Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) Is Now Open To The World (Open-Source)

Source: Macrumors.com

On the site MacOSForge, Apple revealed that they are coming out with a Audio Codec that is an open source project they’ve released: The Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) is a lossless audio codec developed by Apple and deployed on all of its platforms and devices for some years now. Apple is making the Apple [...]

Gingerbread Coming To The Samsung Galaxy S With Bell?


So you have a Samsung Galaxy S and you want to upgrade your firmware to Gingerbread (2.3), an upgrade above Froyo which is 2.2. Well it’s not out officially yet, and their has been speculation about the leaked version of Gingerbread which you could hack to work on your Android phone, but I personally will [...]