Apple Buys HTML5 Developer Company “Particle”


It has been reported by CNET that Apple has just bought out a company named Particle, which is a smaller San Francisco company that was based on HTML5 Web and also Web app work. This proposition is noted to have been for their talent rather than any projects that they are working on right now. [...]

Best Site For Comparing Smartphone Specifications & Ratings


Comparing smartphones has been a struggle for awhile now. There is the struggle of choosing the right device that you will be using for a 3 year term, it’s one choice that you have to be wise with deciding with. Normally, I compare specifications of anything in a dual monitor setup, with one smartphone next [...]

Android’s Skype Takes In 70 Million Downloads On 1,300 Different Android Devices


Skype has just taken in over 70 million downloads while being “the most popular video calling application on the Android”. I actually know a few people who argue that there are much better applications out there but, the numbers are very difficult to argue against in terms of which application is the most used overall. [...]

Next-Gen iPhone Using Slimmer Multi-Touch Display & In-Cell Technology?

According to the Central News Agency in Taiwan, comments made from the DisplaySearch analyst named David Hsieh, apparently believes that Apple is indeed making plans to use a new display technology called “In-Cell” coming from Japanese manufacturers in the upcoming next-generation iPhone. This move will be taking all of the suppliers like Sharp, Sony and [...]

Lenovo Showcases TV Sandwhiched With Google’s Latest Android OS (With Voice Recognition)

Apparently, there has been rumors of Apple releasing their own actual Television set, and according to Cnet Lenovo is attempting to make an entry into the market themselves just before Apple, with a taste of Google’s own Android OS “Ice Cream Sandwich”, with voice recognition to compete with only a rumor of Apple using Siri [...]

Apple Stacking Up 4″ Screens In Stock For Upcoming iPhone?

It has been claimed by Macotakara, that the Displays from Hitachi and Sony’s Display Corporation have started shipping out 4″ LCD’s for the newest upcoming iOS device, which is rumored to be released next year sometime in September. According to Asian source, Hitachi Displays, Ltd. and Sony Mobile Display Corporation started to ship 4-inch LCD [...]

The Competition Is Already Shaking In Their Boots Regarding Apple’s Television Set Plans

It has been reported by AllThingsD, on a just recent research that is noted by an analyst named Peter Misek, that suggests that manufacturers are already basically scrambling and shaking in their boots in a reaction to the claims that Apple is in preporations to enter the television set market very soon. Rather than being [...]

Sony Wants To Cut Out Cable Providers With TV Service Based On The Internet

It was previously last week that it was noted by Sony that they were putting an effort into changing the way users interact with watching content on the TV sets, as CEO Howard Stringer is acknoledging openly that his company is seeking a way to find a method of competing with Apple’s newer integrated ecosystem [...]

Admitted By Logitech, Google TV Set-Top Box A “Mistake”

Google announced last year of their Google TV with an introduction to the market, with their software being intended in integrating the television content to revolutionize the Television watching experience. Logitech was one of the key hardware partners with helping Google and their TV box, from which they offered their “Revue” set-top box for Google’s [...]