Advantages & Disadvantages To The iPhone And Android


First of all, I just want to mention that everyone has a different opinion of the advantages and disadvantages of these two completely different kinds of smartphones. Everyone is different, and so please take my opinions as my own opinions, not something that I think other people should think too. No flaming in the comments, [...]

What Smartphone Is The Fastest In Canada Right Now? (December 2012)

If you were wondering what was the most current, fastest smartphone in Canada was, it’s the LG Optimus G. Sure, it may have the 2GB’s of RAM, and the 1.5Ghz quad-core (yes quad) processor, but to my eyes it’s just another Android phone that will become beat in the hardware category in just about 1-3 [...]

Samsung Reveals Galaxy S III In U.S. Will Get Android 4.1 Is Coming


Anyone who owns their own Nexus Android smartphone in the U.S. knows exactly how slow the upgrade process is in the real world. In between the manufacturers that cause delays and carriers with their extensive testing of firmwares before being released, a flagship smartphone can be heavily plagued by older software for many months with [...]

Why Read Magazines Anymore? That’s What Blogs Are For…

Magazines were something I thoroughly enjoyed as a kid. I loved Popular Science and Popular Mechanics, and I always gazed at other magazines like PCworld and other magazines to do with Mac’s and other stuff that was technology related. On top of that I read Automobile and also Car And Driver. But do I still [...]

Will Smartphones Ever Become Cheaper?


This is a huge question, because you remember when Laptops first came out their price tags were well over $1500 for just a basic notebook. Now you can get a Laptop for like $350 with a 15″ screen. That’s not bad at all if you ask me, compared to the first price tags. So since [...]

Will Firefox’s Mobile OS Dominate Google Android & Apple’s iPhone?


Does that GUI look familiar?. It looks like the standard touch-screen smartphone interface, that is used on the iPhone and Android smartphones. The same interface Apple believes that they created and that they are suing Google over because they believe that they copied it. I agree, and Firefox’s looks mocked up differently in a certain [...]

Samsung & Apple’s $1 Billion Patent Result Response


It has been reported by the NYTimes on the response given by Samsung and Apple over the patent verdict yesterday which was found to be hugely in favor of Apple and it resulted in a $1 billion verdict directly against Samsung. The spokesperson from Apple, Katie Cotton says: We are grateful to the jury for [...]

iOS’s Official Facebook App Gets An Update, Recoded From Scratch To Be Twice As Fast


Just about three months ago we had first heard that Facebook, being the app for the Android and iOS and known for being terribly slow, just got a huge update for the iOS. It’s officially here too, and apparently, “yes” is the answer to the question of if it’s a better update. At last the [...]

Apple Removes Safari For Windows, and Google’s Youtube App For iOS 6


  The browser by Apple named Safari, which was offered in June of 2007 for the first time for Windows, has been pulled from the product page on Apple’s main website, which was actually as of July 26th of this year, but not too long ago. I didn’t know this until I started looking for [...]

Samsung Planning Launch Event August 15th, Rumors Point Towards Galaxy Note II


It has been planned by Samsung to inform all media outlets to book the date of August 15th of this year for a “Galaxy related” release event. This big announcement will be taking place in the U.S. starting at about 10:00AM EST. Though unfortunately the event details were not given except for the date that [...]