Tools For Driving Directions, Without Buying A GPS

There comes a time when we all need to go somewhere fast. We need directions right away, since we do not know the area. We don’t have time to drive to Future Shop to buy a GPS. Here’s what you will need to do this: -An internet connection to access Google Maps (well of course, […]

Xbox Music Service By Microsoft Including Downloads, Streaming and Cloud Storage?

Just earlier this month, it was said by MacRumors that Microsoft was taking a major attempt at pushing their own products into the living room, while using their Xbox 360 hardware as a media hub for streaming video content and also a “SmartGlass” application for numerous different platforms which would allow two-way Airplay-like wireless streaming […]

Technical Support, For “Google Play”?!

Google, of all companies, that have their own “marketplaces” for smartphones and tablets, have never offered technical support through phone lines until now. Apparently the Nexus One temporarily had technical support, though getting onto the phone with someone actually working for Google was quite difficult. Just last night, redditor CarMapsGuy had said that there is […]

Uh, Google Market, Is Now Google Play?!

All of the sudden when I updated the “Android Marketplace” on my Samsung Galaxy S it decided to make the original shortcut to the “Android Marketplace” on my home screen that I had made myself, not work!. I was like what the heck?, so I noticed after the updated finished and having gone into my […] Gets Pulled From iOS App Because Of External Subscription URL’s


It has been noted by TechCrunch, that Apple removed their service for online dating for’s own iOS application from the App Store which was violating the company’s in-app subscription requirements. The app, again named as, normally allowed users to subscribe to their service through a link that was externally available through the app, […]

Apple Now Allowing iOS Subscriptions Of Gaming Services With App Store [New Updates]


It has been reported by Bloomberg that Apple is opening up a new class of offerings in the App Store, which allows the game publisher Big Fish Games to now offer a subscription monthly to a package that will be allowing users with access to a number of different games from the company, directly through […]

Senior-Level Executives Being Recruited By Apple In Expanding Cloud Services


It has been reported by The Wall Street Journal that Apple is looking into actively recruiting a newer senior-level executive in assisting with the company’s new cloud-based services to users. This move is coming from Apple as they are no doubt seeking to build their iCloud services that were officially released last month. In recent […]

Google Rolling Out New Android-Specific Music Download Store


It was yesterday that Google officially revealed their service called Google Music, which comes with a download store that offers numerous features that Apple has in their iTunes Store. The newest Google Music store comes around as a part of the Android Market and seems to be specifically designed to attract newer users to the […]

BBX Smartphones From RIM Will Have Same Resolution/Aspect Ratio As PlayBook, BES Support Coming Too

Have you been wondering what Research In Motion has been planning despite them failing miserably in the smartphone market?. What if I was to say that they have something planned, and it’s their forthcoming product line of BBX-based handsets?. The company says it’s “derived” from at least some of their own inspiration from their Blackberry […]

Movies And iCloud Integration Currently In Process By Apple

LATimes & Wall Street Journal both say that Apple is currently in the process of attempting to get major movie studios to approve of their movies to be synced through iCloud to other iOS devices, allowing purchased movies on iTunes to be streamed to these iOS devices. Apple Inc. is negotiating with Hollywood studios for […]