Amazon Reveals iPad App For “Netflix-Like” Services

Amazon as just apparently released a brand new app for the iPad for their Instant Video “Netflix-like” services, allowing anyone to rent or buy services, making them a new Netflix competitor, which their service is fully named Amazon Prime Instant Video. This new application gives users the option to download and bought or rented movies […]

iTunes Match Released In More Countries: Greece, Italy and Austria


Reports have been received by MacRumors in regards to iTunes Match and that it has started to go live in many other countries just today. And to this day we’ve being hearing from many users in Austria, Greece, and also Italy with some users that are reporting that they have been requiring to agree to […]

iTunes Match Songs That Are Uploaded Not Accessible For Some


Users of the iTunes March service are experiencing issues accessing their music, while attempting to download their own songs that they have previously uploaded to the iTunes Match service. The songs that are matched are appearing to be unaffected for the majority of users. Threads regarding this issue on both the Apple Support Communities and […]

Sony Wants To Cut Out Cable Providers With TV Service Based On The Internet

It was previously last week that it was noted by Sony that they were putting an effort into changing the way users interact with watching content on the TV sets, as CEO Howard Stringer is acknoledging openly that his company is seeking a way to find a method of competing with Apple’s newer integrated ecosystem […]

The Vision Steve Jobs Had For Usage Of Unlicensed Wi-Fi Spectrum Of Apple Mobile Phone Networks

It has been reported by IDG News Service with comments that were made just the day before today by the capitalist venturer John Stranton, who claims that Steve Jobs had a vision of using unlicensed Wi-Fi spectrum as a way to go without carriers in setting up a mobile phone network that was years before […]

Explaination Clearly Made For iTunes Match

With a slight pushed delay of Apple’s launched iTunes Match today, the newest $25/year service has offered users their own ability to match their iTunes library with a higher quality version in Apple’s iCloud. Though this new service has generated alot of confusion of what exactly happens to your own music library when you have […]

Google Says “Google Music” Is Being Released Next Week

Apparently Google will be unveiling their “Google Music” service as of November 16th, 2011. The Internet giant started emailing invites to users to an event day that they are calling “These Go To Eleven.” Which is a reference apparently, of course to the mockumentary “This is Spinal Tap” and their leader guitarist Nigel Tufnel who […]

Apple Employees Created Music Video Teaching Customer Skills For Serving Customers

This video was made by all of the staff at the Apple Retail Store as a way to entertain, and train their workers the customer service strategy. This strategy was based upon the Ritz Carlton Hotel, which is widely known as the gold standard in customer service, allowing workers from Apple Retail Stores to help […]

Apple Seeds Beta 2 For iTunes 10.5.1 For Continuing iTunes Match Beta Testing

Apple has released a Beta 2 for the iTunes 10.5.1 to developers tonight to give further testing grounds for the upcoming iTunes Match Service: iTunes 10.5.1 beta 2 is now available and includes a number of important stability and performance improvements. iTunes Match is also now available for testing on Apple TV. iTunes Match stores […]