Apple Buys HTML5 Developer Company “Particle”

It has been reported by CNET that Apple has just bought out a company named Particle, which is a smaller San Francisco company that was based on HTML5 Web and also Web app work. This proposition is noted to have been for their talent rather than any projects that they are working on right now. […]

HD Renderings of “iPhone 5” Created From Leaked Parts

Blackpool Creative‘s Bryce Haymond has edited a few different high resolution renderings in 3D of the “iPhone 5” that is being based on the park leaks and diagrams that have been going around the internet lately. There‚Äôs been quite a bit of hype recently in the Apple universe over the imminent announcement of a new […]

Annual iTunes Festival Within London Switched To September

Ever since July in 2007, the iTunes Festival was held in London by Apple, which offered a whole month worth of concerts that were free coming from some of the top performers in the music industry. Apple is starting off by revealing their plan for this year, and the change that is the the most […]

MainStage and Logic Pro On It’s Way To The Mac App Store, No More Boxed Software


It was issued today by Apple, of a notice to all resellers in the announcement that they have discontinued their sotware of Logic Studio and also Logic Express audio packages in the boxed form, as they are headed to the Mac App Store, while also Logic Pro 9 and MainStage 2 components will be going […]

Senior-Level Executives Being Recruited By Apple In Expanding Cloud Services


It has been reported by The Wall Street Journal that Apple is looking into actively recruiting a newer senior-level executive in assisting with the company’s new cloud-based services to users. This move is coming from Apple as they are no doubt seeking to build their iCloud services that were officially released last month. In recent […]

Apple Reels In Production Of iPad 2 Displays, As iPad 3 Productions Rolls Out


It has been reported by Digitimes that Apple has reeled in their fourth quarter orders of displays for the iPad 2, the displays, which with this decision it could mean a strategy to start preparing for the release of the iPad 3 for sometime earlier next year to be released, rather than a shorter fall […]

Surges of iOS Goes Past 60% of Mobile Web Traffic

Net Applications has revealed their monthly data on traffic on the Web, showing that Apple’s own iOS was able to sustain the horse ride through the launch of the iPhone 4S, and the continued momentum of the iPad shows a 60% share of traffic in the past. iOS was responsible for 61.64% of mobile Web […]

Annual Report From Apple: More Sales, More Hiring, No Dividends On Their Way

It was October 26th, that Apple filed their 2011 annual report of their U.S. Securities and Exchange commission which was a document that revealed more interesting details of information: – Apple now has 60,400 full time equivalent employees, up from 46,600 last year. The company also went from employing 2,800 full-time equivalent temporary employees and […]

Sum 41 Releases New Album “Live At The House Of Blues, Cleveland”

I know, your not that excited to hear about a new album from Sum 41, being just live recordings. But for the fans out there, you can watch it as of today. The date of the recordings was on September 15th, 2007. It’s available on iTunes currently. And as we wait for a real new […]