Brand-New “Pen-Based” Modbook Pro Tablet Being Released In Fall

Just around five years ago a firm named Axiotron revealed the Modbook, a MacBook which had been converted directly into a tablet that is pen-based by taking the internals from a MacBook that was then converted into a tablet by taking those internals and placing them into a new casing to then yield the one-piece […]

Rumors Of iPhone 5 Reiterating Sayings Of Tinier Dock Connector, Screen Aspect Ratio The Same

A newer and smaller dock connector is apparently being planned by Apple for the next upcoming iPhone 5, as said in a report by iMore. This website has been quite reliable in the past and has already predicted a few things accurately with the release of the iPad that is LTE equipped. It has also […]

Samsung To Advertise “Galaxy Note” Within Expensive 90s Superbowl Commercial


It is being announced by Samsung that they will have something “huge” to announce during the Super Bowl XLVI. The giant Korean electronics company could actually literally mean huge, since the size of this newer device is huge, with hopes of the reception of this device to be huge. Huge is undefined by them for […]

So The iPad 3 Will Be Thicker, But Will It Work With Smart Covers??


A blog named Macotakara has claimed to have some details coming from a supplier in Asia that the newer iPad’s will be having a screen with the same dimensions physically as the most current iPads, and will also be supporting the Smart Covers though they may be even more thick. According to Asian supplier which […]

Reference For Next Gen iPhone (5,1) And iPad In iOS 5.1 Beta

The beta for iOS 5.1 has seemed to show off a crapload of product ids with more exposure to the iPad 2,4 and also the codename of J33 for the Apple Television. The part number that has been discovered to this date coming from iOS 5.1 is the iPhone 5,1 which is noted by @FillippoBiga […]

Samsung Makes Fun Of iPhone Fans In Galaxy II Advertisement

A new commercial has surfaced of the new Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone which promoting the competition against the new iPhone and it’s fellow fans that lined up at retail stores nationwide to buy it. It mocks the fact that these people are also lining up for an iPhone 4S that is the same design […]

Hands-On Claims with iPhone 5 Concept

With the redesigned “iPhone 5” form factor failing to be leaked with the update last month with the introduction of the iPhone 4S, it has been suggested by sources that the next-gen iPhone will be expected to be debuted next year and indeed will be bringing in a whole new design. It has been reported […]

Sony Wants To Challenge Apple In The Television Revolution

Alot has been made in Job’s biography that he “authorized” that had said that he believed he had “cracked” on how to make a revolutionairy interface that was to be for an integrated television set, which in a disclosure led to a claim of Apple that is currently working on a Siri-enabled TV, by a […]

Toshiba Shows Off New 6.1″ Display At 498 PPI

Apple has showed off their new nice and crisp resolution of their “Retina” display that was revealed in their iPhone 4, with a new resolution of 326 ppi (pixels per inch), which is a display that has been put into the iPod Touch and now into the iPhone 4S. The new Retina Display is a […]

Toshiba Boots Up Their New Portable 14″ LCD

More Pictures Here Toshiba has answered our prayers for something. A problem we all have (for us bloggers for an example) is that it’s nice having laptops in terms of portability and the ability to bring your computer anywhere, but sometimes just ONE screen is too damn boring. For those of you (including myself) that […]