Advantages & Disadvantages To The iPhone And Android


First of all, I just want to mention that everyone has a different opinion of the advantages and disadvantages of these two completely different kinds of smartphones. Everyone is different, and so please take my opinions as my own opinions, not something that I think other people should think too. No flaming in the comments, [...]

Samsung Pays Up 1 Billion In 30 Trucks Of 5 Cent Coins To Apple


On August 29th, it was reported by Zurmat that 30 trucks full of 5 cent coins were delivered to Apple’s headquarters in California. Normally, the security company that protects the facility had said the trucks were in the wrong place, though a few minutes later Tim Cook (the CEO of Apple) had received a call [...]

Samsung & Apple’s $1 Billion Patent Result Response


It has been reported by the NYTimes on the response given by Samsung and Apple over the patent verdict yesterday which was found to be hugely in favor of Apple and it resulted in a $1 billion verdict directly against Samsung. The spokesperson from Apple, Katie Cotton says: We are grateful to the jury for [...]

Samsung offering Special Edition Galaxy S III for Developers @ $599 on Verizon


Just as the announcements came out in regards to the Samsung Galaxy S III for Verizon Wireless, came a locked boot loader as well. As numerous Android fans were annoyed of course. Verizon’s only GS III smartphone had arrived with a locked boot loader; other carriers offering the GS III actually had boot loaders that [...]

Galaxy Nexus from Samsung now buyable from Google’s Play Store, and shipping in 2-3 weeks from now


Samsung and Apple have been going back to back over an injunction on american grounds, in banning the sale of the newest Galaxy Nexus smartphone (Google’s flagship Android phone). Before, the Galaxy Nexus was taken away from the Google Play Store just after Apple had won this injunction over the device. Though Samsung was able [...]

Android’s Skype Takes In 70 Million Downloads On 1,300 Different Android Devices


Skype has just taken in over 70 million downloads while being “the most popular video calling application on the Android”. I actually know a few people who argue that there are much better applications out there but, the numbers are very difficult to argue against in terms of which application is the most used overall. [...]

Canadian Release of Samsung Galaxy S III Release Pushed Back, Happening On June 27th Instead


The “iPhone killer”, or in other words the most anticipated Android device out there being the Samsung Galaxy S III, was anticipated to setting foot on Canadian soil quite soon. Though even though this device had been seeing pre-orders all over the world, reaching the 9 million ranking with the following carriers that will be [...]

Foxconn & Sharp Grouping Together To Create iPhone Display Factory In China

Just after an agreement made in March that led to Foxconn and Sharp getting into a partnership in advancing their LCD technology, Reuters has reported recently a new article from a business newspaper from Japan Nikkei which indicated that the two big companies are teaming up specifically to construct a brand new factory in Chengdu, [...]

Once Again, Apple Is The Globe’s Most Valuable Brand

“Brand value” is something that is always hard to compete with, or compare with even. The different methodologies that are used by all those companies are measured in between the data that yields the markedly different results in between. Though if you track the year-to-year movements that have been made with a consistent methodology one [...]

Samsung CEO Choi Gee-sung & Tim Cook Met On Monday To Negotiate Patent Issues

Just after last month’s official announcement saying that Samsung and Apple had decided to agree to a higher-level negotiation in regards to the patents issue, the CEO’s of both companies both sat down on Monday to talk about these issues. A preview was provided by Reuters of the session that began on Monday in San [...]