The All New 2011 Sony Tablet S 32GB Is Here, But Is It Better Than The Rest?


When all we had was a drawing of the Tablet S, the look of the tablet was exciting. It was the S1 at that time, which at that time still gave it a mysterious name to it. This baby has the most good looks I’ve seen in most Android tablets. Coming with Honeycomb it is, [...]

After A Long Wait, Gingerbread For The Samsung Galaxy S Is Here, In Canada


So, I can now officially say that Gingerbread (the Samsaung Galaxy S Firmware Update v2.3) has arrived and it worked flawlessly, without hesitation. The update can be done on Windows OR Mac. I suggest you follow the instructions for installation carefully, so you do not screw anything up. All it takes is the disconnecting of [...]

A Possible Fix to Samsung Galaxy S (Android OS) Issues: Mp3′s Not Playing, Videos Not Recording, Sending/Receiving Calls


After experiences problems with my Samsung Galaxy S with Google’s Android Operating System (2.2 Froyo), with error messages including “Unable to recognize file type, file not found” when playing mp3′s in any MP3 player, or not being able to record video, and last but not least, not being able to be heard when sending/receiving calls [...]

Gingerbread Coming To The Samsung Galaxy S With Bell?


So you have a Samsung Galaxy S and you want to upgrade your firmware to Gingerbread (2.3), an upgrade above Froyo which is 2.2. Well it’s not out officially yet, and their has been speculation about the leaked version of Gingerbread which you could hack to work on your Android phone, but I personally will [...]

iPhone 3G Out Of Stock, Out Of AT&T’s Hands

You’d think from all the evidence from around the latish time of last month, also from the removing of the “Select” button from the iPhone 3G from Apple’s official online store, this was not enough to changes people’s minds that the iPhone 3G is on it’s last stand, Boy Genius Report aims towards an apparent [...]

First iPhone Little Support From Apple (Confirmed By Steve Jobs)

Incase theres some skepticism about Apple’s plans to provide lack of support for the first iPhone, with the iPhone OS upgrade (#4), Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple) has set the standard on the requirements already in an email. MacStories says that a Twitter user sent out an email asking Steve is there will be support [...]