The iPhone 5 Is Here, What Do You Think?

Source: Apple

So it’s confirmed, and yes the release date is today. The iPhone 5 with a bigger screen is here, and the screen is 4″ as the rumors said it would be, plus it’s Retina as well. Apparently, the wireless is faster, and probably including the carrier connectivity speeds (depending on where you are). It comes [...]

Brand-New “Pen-Based” Modbook Pro Tablet Being Released In Fall


Just around five years ago a firm named Axiotron revealed the Modbook, a MacBook which had been converted directly into a tablet that is pen-based by taking the internals from a MacBook that was then converted into a tablet by taking those internals and placing them into a new casing to then yield the one-piece [...]

Automatic App Downloads Coming To OS X Mountain Lion


As said by Zach Kahn (from 9to5Mac), the newest OS X Mountain Lion developer build that was released just last week is setting a newer stage in bringing the features from iOS which includes app downloads that are automatic, to the Mac, like App Store purchases. Like on the iPhone and iPad, when you buy [...]

Thinner MacBook Pro On It’s Way For WWDC

It has been confirmed by Bloomberg from a report made earlier today in regards to Apple, saying that they are expected to release a much thinner MacBook Pro with a Retina display aswell. These models are going to be revealed at the WWDC which is being hosted by Apple on June 11th, and they will [...]

Unrevealed Benchmarks Of 2012 MacBook Pro & iMac Models Revealed

As said in the MacRumors forums, results from two benchmark results have appeared in the database of Geekbench in the past few days which are starting conversations everywhere about the upgrades that may be imminent to the iMac and MacBook Pro models. The very first interesting entry is the MacBookPro9, which is currently corrosponding to [...]

Review Of iPad Issued, Release Date Here, Tear-apart Imminent, Mini-iPad Coming Up Next?

The actual release date of the device is tommorow, and a review of the iPad 3 is now here as made by TechRadar: Prices are going for: iPad 2 16GB: $419 iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G: $519 iPad 3 16GB: $519 iPad 3 32GB: $619 iPad 3 64GB: $719 All in CAD prices. But [...]

Apple TV Updated With New 1080p Resolution Support While Maintaining $99 Price

It has been reported by 9to5Mac that they have now gotten new information from a reliable source named as “Mr. X” that a part number has revealed that the Apple TV which was updated last week, has a whole new model coming up with a price tag of $99 which is the same price as [...]

“iPad 3″ Going To Be Renamed To “iPad HD”?

Source: Macrumors.comIf you look closely on this photo, it looks like the iPad but it shows the bottom part and if that shows most of the middle of the tablet, you can clearly not see a “home button”, so this may be possible I think that it may indeed not have one.It has been claimed [...]

2012 Macworld: “Ready” To Be Doing Applications For iOS, MyBook Of WDC Thunderbolt Duo

The Macworld aka iWorld for 2012 has just started off this morning in San Francisco with the newest opening of the expo show floor. And for numerous years, Macworld was a major player in the trade show for Apple in announcing newer products. This venue was the releasing ground for the iPhone way back in [...]

App Store For Mac OS X Reaches 100 Million Downloads

It was announced today that Apple and it’s own Mac OS X App Store has gone past the 100 million downloads mark in just less than a year of being out. “In just three years the App Store changed how people get mobile apps, and now the Mac App Store is changing the traditional PC [...]