TextMate 2 (Long Delayed) Becomes Available As Public Alpha


Just in 2004, a software developer in the name of Allan Odgaard had released a newer text-editor being named as TextMate. Just over the next few years, this application has already become quite popular with the coders because of the very powerful features which includes the extensive customization, macros, and alot more. The app named […]

Apple’s Grand Central Terminal Retail Store Packed Upon Grand Opening


Just after last Wednesday’s media preview event, the new massive retail store for Apple in Manhattan’s own Grand Central Terminal officially opened to the public just today at 10:00AM. As previously noted by Fortune, the terminal was filled with a crapload of people just waiting for the store to be opened just as even more […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Received Port Of Ice Cream Sandwich Already? (This Includes LG Optimus 3D Aswell!)

I gotta say, hackers can work fast when they want to. It was previously this week that Google released their source code for Ice Cream Sandwich, which is just about four days later the new OS made it’s way onto the Galaxy S II. ICS truely looks pretty good on the nice looking display of […]

Over 200 Million Devices?, Yes Android Is Still Growing Strong


At the Google Music event last Wednesday, it was shared by Google that they have activated more than 200 million Android devices which goes to show that with more than 550,000 devices that have been added to that count each day, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. People actually took that to mean that the […]

Czech Mobile Carrier Rejects iPhone Over “Business Terms” With Apple

It has been briefly reported by Bloomberg that Czech carrier Telefonica/O2 is apparently announcing that it will be rejecting the iPhone and all of it’s models because they are rejecting Apple’s “business terms”. Telefonica Czech Republic AS won’t sell Apple’s new iPhone 4S and will end sales of all Apple’s models because of Apple’s business […]

iTunes Match Launch Target Missed By Apple, as iTunes 10.5.1 Because Of Expired Developer Beta

At the “Let’s Talk iPhone” media event earlier last October, Apple revealed that they would be coming out with their iTunes Match service in the U.S. and at the “end of this month” (October). The launch date for that was a slight delay apparently, with Apple’s own plans given to support the feature, which had […]

In The Movie Fast Five: How The Bank Safe Stunt Was Done

An individual who reviewed the movie “Fast Five” said “Never has a movie ever since ‘The Blues Brothers’ has there been so many vehicles being wrecked”. The movie costed $175 million to make. And so this is most likely true, about the Blues Brothers. But the film directors had said that they ruined over 200 […]

The Top Eleven Bank Robbery Movies Of The Twentieth Century


So there are a lot of blog posts on this subject. There’s a lot of them that show movies from the stone age that I seriously would never sit down and watch. I am going to perfect this list and also list movies from the stone age at the bottom just in case any readers […]