Is it OK to have a boring laptop?

I can say that I will agree that the 13-inch MacBook Pro is a winner for it’s title of being a “Pro” in the MacBook lineup, even though it’s now only either an “Air” lineup or a “Pro” lineup and the regular MacBooks are no longer. With the rumors speculating on a new Apple notebook [...]

Android Tablets Will Be Crushed By Kindle Fire, Increasing iPad Sales Analysts Say

With more research notes released just recently, some analysts are saying and have praised Apple and Amazon’s efforts in the tablet industry. It’s noted by them that the Kindle Fire is apparently doing really well, though it’s not challenging directly to the iPad. And sales from the Fire could in fact, encourage customers indirectly to [...]

Apple Excited In Recently Being Globe’s Best Selling PC Vendor With Tablets Too

Canalys the research firm has said today that Apple is appearing to be becoming the globe’s biggest PC manufacturer, by the volume only if the iPad and other tablets are a part of those figures. It shows the company already within the ranks leaving them directly below HP, though Canalys is not sure if Apple [...]

AT&T Bumps Free iPhone 3GS To A Price Of A Whopping $.99

In a questionable move, the price of the iPhone 3GS has been moved up by AT&T to $.99 just up from being free. After the iPhone 4S was released last October, it was specifically mentioned by Apple in their release to the press that their iPhone 4 and 3GS will be available in capacities of [...]

Apple’s CPU Options For Mac Pro In Early 2012 Shape Up


It was noted recently that Apple is not likely to update their Mac Pro lineup until next year at the soonest predictable timeline. But as Intel’s newest Sandy Bridge E CPU’s are intended as to being the next processors to be used in the Mac Pro’s, it shall be delayed until the first quarter of [...]

The All New 2011 Sony Tablet S 32GB Is Here, But Is It Better Than The Rest?


When all we had was a drawing of the Tablet S, the look of the tablet was exciting. It was the S1 at that time, which at that time still gave it a mysterious name to it. This baby has the most good looks I’ve seen in most Android tablets. Coming with Honeycomb it is, [...]

Gas Station In The U.S. Sells Gas Accidentally For Quarter Of Actual Price

At Petro-Canada in Toronto, Canada a man pumps gas.   ASSOCIATED PRESS LOS ANGELES, CALIF.  – The word spread quite rapidly as a gas station in Los Angeles was selling gas for only a quarter of the going price, though it was not a promotion at all. The owner of the gas station says the [...]