Uh, Google Market, Is Now Google Play?!

Source: Xda-developers.com

All of the sudden when I updated the “Android Marketplace” on my Samsung Galaxy S it decided to make the original shortcut to the “Android Marketplace” on my home screen that I had made myself, not work!. I was like what the heck?, so I noticed after the updated finished and having gone into my [...]

BBX Smartphones From RIM Will Have Same Resolution/Aspect Ratio As PlayBook, BES Support Coming Too

Source: Engadget.com

Have you been wondering what Research In Motion has been planning despite them failing miserably in the smartphone market?. What if I was to say that they have something planned, and it’s their forthcoming product line of BBX-based handsets?. The company says it’s “derived” from at least some of their own inspiration from their Blackberry [...]