Feature Phone “Pantech Marauder” On For $50 w/ Contract Through Verizon

Source Androinica.com

One of the specific goals of Verizon is to pursue specific phone users to take on smartphones, that will increase their profits (the carriers) to bring the contract to the duration of a two year period. Though, most will be restraining from buying a smartphone because of how some may be intimidating about the deal, [...]

Android App “Easy Filter” Contains Adware

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So it all started when I saw the “Download Fruit Ninja Game” advertisement. All of these ads take you to the web browser. It’s not that harmful to your Android I suppose but we all hate advertisements like these, this is Adware. The app “Easy Filter” was doing this on my phone because it was [...]

Consumer Electronics Show For 2012: Hub From LaCie Connects eSATA Drives To Mac’s With Thunderbolt

It has been reported by CNET about a newer eSATA Hub coming directly from LaCie which gives you the option to connect an external eSATA drive to your Mac that comes with Thunderbolt. This brand new hub includes two Thunderbolt ports too with also two eSATA ports too. Any users can connect their own eSATA [...]

Consumer Electronics Show For 2012: OCZ Thunderbolt SSD & AR Drone 2.0

Some more products have leaked their way out of CES for 2012 already. AR Drone 2.0 A press release has been published by Engadget for a new AR Drone 2.0 by Parrot, which comes with a 720p HD Video Camera. The first ever AR Drone was showcased at the 2010 CES. This is an iPhone-controlled [...]

Consumer Electronics Show Starts Next Week For 2012: Vizio, Ultrabooks, Windows Phone & More

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) for 2012 starts just next week which is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. This new show for January has normally been a tradition for newer products to be showcased and also trends for the electronics market, aswell. Although it has been noted by the LA Times that, there doesn’t seem to [...]

Facebook Phone By HTC Coming In 2013?

This is the most screwed idea I’ve ever seen. And it’s officially all over the internet. The rumors are that this phone is coming in 2013, and will be a Android-based phone that won’t just be a phone with the Facebook app installed on it, it will be like the Kindle Fire, amazon style. You [...]

iPhone 4S Becoming Secondly Best Used Cameraphone Ever, on Flickr

The newest released iPhone 4S has shot up quickly to be the secondly most used Cameraphone on the photo site Flikr.com. The Camera Finder by Flikr website shows the graphs of the popularity of the smartphones for the Point and Shoot kinds of cameras. The iPhone 3G has been beaten by the iPhone 4S, iPhone [...]

The Vision Steve Jobs Had For Usage Of Unlicensed Wi-Fi Spectrum Of Apple Mobile Phone Networks

It has been reported by IDG News Service with comments that were made just the day before today by the capitalist venturer John Stranton, who claims that Steve Jobs had a vision of using unlicensed Wi-Fi spectrum as a way to go without carriers in setting up a mobile phone network that was years before [...]

No New Plans For Apple To Support Siri On Older iPhones, Previous To The 4S

In the time that Apple showcased their Siri voice recognition software assistant, the company made it very clear that the feature would be only available on the iPhone 4S only. There was rumors going around that Siri required the iPhone 4S’s faster CPU, but there was a recent hack created that proved this rumor indeed [...]

Just Over 10% Of U.S. Mobile Phone Users Using iPhone Now

Source: Macrumors.com

Results were released by comScore yesterday to show their latest survey of the mobile phone usage in the United States Of America, showing that Apple has reached a new milestone in passing a 10% share of the mobile phone market in the U.S. additionally. Since it’s been the recent trend lately, Apple has once again [...]