Automatic App Downloads Coming To OS X Mountain Lion


As said by Zach Kahn (from 9to5Mac), the newest OS X Mountain Lion developer build that was released just last week is setting a newer stage in bringing the features from iOS which includes app downloads that are automatic, to the Mac, like App Store purchases. Like on the iPhone and iPad, when you buy [...]

Ad’s Within Operating Systems Previously Steve Job’s Idea

Previously in 2009, a patent by Apple, in an application had showed up leading towards the possibility that the company had seeked out the idea of having advertisements within an operating system, well specifically Mac OS X as you can see in the image below. The user then would receive free or even goods and [...]

$199 Price Tag Rumor For Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Leaked Verizon Advertises

A number of days ago, it was reported that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was not going to be released until around December. Speculating rumors went around which is where it was indicated previously that it would be released sometime maybe during November. Though it’s looking to be untrue, in fact it’s not that case at [...]

HTC G1 Gets To Eat Some Iced Cream Sandwich

Despite the fact that Google’s Android OS update “Ice Cream Sandwich” has it’s source code available to the world, Engadget received a heads up that it has been put onto the first ever Google Android phone, which is HTC’s G1. This phone was last seen, using a unofficial Honeycomb port installed, but now jcarrz1 coming [...]

Firefox For Android Get’s Updated With User Interface Fixes

As previously mentioned last month, Mozilla will be dropping their XUL (eXtensible interface Language, an XML grammar used by Mozilla to create user interfaces for Thunderbird and Firefox) towards using the Android’s own Native user interface alike. Handling Firefox on Android devices was the reason towards the performance increase update. And Mozilla has now announced [...]

VMWare’s New Virtualization Of Snow Leopard & Leopard Accidentally Allowed In Error

Just last weekend, it was noted by us that the newest version of VMWare Fusion 4.1 released a new option for consumers to create and virtualize Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and also Leopard client versions. It was previously an option that had been limited just to the client’s versions of OS X Lion and [...]

Installing & Uninstalling Android OS Applications

To install an Android application: 1. Go to the Android Market. 2. Find an application to install by using the search feature and by looking down the list. 3. Each app comes with a description and review with comments, read over it all before you install a crappy app. 4. Just agree to the terms [...]

Kindle Fire Slows Normally Required iPad Purchases

The Kindle Fire from Amazon, being the one staking out a new position in the bargain area of the tablet market with it’s own $199 market, some are wondering how well the device will bite into the Apple, of the sales of iPads. A survey done by RBC Capital Markets and ChangeWave Research puts some [...]

Winamp On The Mac Finally, 10 Years Later, With Android Music Synchronization

UPDATE: According to a fan of Winamp, AOL will be shutting down the development of the software indefinitely. As you may know, they probably will not release the source code for the software so no one can create a fork of it. Any ways, you can get the Windows version here now. Everything mentioned below [...]

Kindle Fire Tablet Welcomed By Apple And More Android Fragmentations


A portion of information shared by Business Insider indicates that research that was issued today by Barclays analyst Ben Reitzes, recently visited with Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer in a meeting, for a discussion on Amazon’s newest $199 Kindle Fire that is a tablet based on the Android. Executives have said, that [...]