Windows 8 – The Biggest Leap in Windows Operating System


This is a guest post by George Martin. Have you updated your PC to Windows 8 from Windows 7? What are the differences you experiencing at present? Well, there is no denying of the fact that huge advancement has been noticed in this recent operating system. The first noticeable change is the Startup screen of [...]

How You Can Still Use Safari For Windows


It was a shame when Apple removed support for Safari for Windows on June 26th, 2012. But you can still use version 5.1.7, and I’ll give some simple instructions on how to get it. 1. Go here, click on Download on the far right that is a generic Blue button, you won’t miss it. 2. Go [...]

Will Firefox’s Mobile OS Dominate Google Android & Apple’s iPhone?


Does that GUI look familiar?. It looks like the standard touch-screen smartphone interface, that is used on the iPhone and Android smartphones. The same interface Apple believes that they created and that they are suing Google over because they believe that they copied it. I agree, and Firefox’s looks mocked up differently in a certain [...]

Brief Summary of Mountain Lion Reviews; “Incremental”, “Bargain at Twice the Price” and “Faster and Smoother”

As Apple has already released OS X Mountain Lion as of the 25th of July, many reviews of the company’s latest OS release have come rushing in from numerous different technology news blogs. Some of the reviews are very extensive, and MacRumors selected some of the most highlighted general reactions to the release. Ars Technica‘s [...]

Xbox Music Service By Microsoft Including Downloads, Streaming and Cloud Storage?


Just earlier this month, it was said by MacRumors that Microsoft was taking a major attempt at pushing their own products into the living room, while using their Xbox 360 hardware as a media hub for streaming video content and also a “SmartGlass” application for numerous different platforms which would allow two-way Airplay-like wireless streaming [...]

How To Run Android Apps On The Mac


If you want to see the tutorial first then scroll to halfway down this page, below (in other words the top of this page) is the news behind this new app for the Mac. It has been announced by Bluestacks, that with their software for the Mac,  you can now run Android applications on the [...]

Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich Is Only Installed Onto 7% Of Devices, Gingerbread Now 65%


Apparently, only 7 out of every 100 Android smartphones are running the 4.0 version of Android, called Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s the most recent firmware update available. This is the story that is said in the latest edition of the Android Platform Versions chat. As much of a piss off as 7.1% is, it’s quite [...]

Apple’s iOS Takes Lead In Developer Interest Over Android


A new report was released on June 7th from Flurry Analytics showcasing the developer interest within Android and iOS in measures of downloads of the tools given by Flurry for the integration of analytics within applications. And with a new threshold reached of over 18,000 SDK downloads just by developers in the first quarter of [...]

Facebook Hires Original Apple iPhone Engineers For Rumored Facebook Phone


There’s been numerous hints and rumors and talks in regards to Facebook that may just be creating their own phone, to enter the mobile phone market with their own device. The NYTimes has already brought back these rumors just this weekend in saying in a report that says that Facebook is actually planning to release [...]

Automatic App Downloads Coming To OS X Mountain Lion


As said by Zach Kahn (from 9to5Mac), the newest OS X Mountain Lion developer build that was released just last week is setting a newer stage in bringing the features from iOS which includes app downloads that are automatic, to the Mac, like App Store purchases. Like on the iPhone and iPad, when you buy [...]