Review Of Space Settlers for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Space Settlers is a real-time strategy sci-fi game for the iOS platform made by Digiarty aka iPhogame. Within this GUI-rich game, gamers can build their own space base and research any technologies in their tech center, and create resources like Crystal, Tritium and Dark Energy, and you can also build a chariot to destroy any […]

Easily Edit Your Images Online With Effects


This website I never knew existed, and I’ve seen so many people’s Facebook photos with the effects from this site used in their images. So it’s time to test it out myself. I used the Webcam option and took a picture of some random part of my office. I thought that would be a cool […]

Either Sell Or Buy College Textbooks Numerous Ways Online

Soo, you wanna either sell or buy your College textbooks online. Well this is how you do it. If you want to sell… The sites you need to check out and you must choose what works for you. – Amazon is an option, just like eBay you can list your used books on Amazon, and […]

Very First Retina MacBook Pro’s Arriving On Customers Doorsteps

It was noted earlier just yesterday by MacRumors in regards to the very first Retina MacBook Pro orders had started shipping, and numerous readers had reported that the very first deliveries were showing up already. And at least just one of those readers who had gotten his new MacBook Pro had custom ordered his, which […]

Apple Moves Up Free Holiday Shipping For Up To 2-3 Business Days For Delivery


Just late last month, it was announced by Apple that they would be offering a new standard for free shipping in orders placed with the U.S. online retail store until December 22nd. The U.S. store offers free shipping which requires a minimum purchase of $50 or more, though Apple is now moving that minimum aside […]

Apple Being Ranked 5th Busiest U.S. Online Retail Store During Black Friday


A research company named comScore just today revealed their data regarding the U.S. shipping ranks on Black Friday. It shows sales going strong in the $816 million range, which is up from 26% from the numbers from last year’s Black Friday. The data shows accordingly however, that Apple was the 5th busiest online retail store […]

Apple Offers Free Shipping For U.S. Orders Through December 22nd

It was noted by Apple today on their online store for the U.S. that all orders will be provided with free shipping through December 22nd. It simply requires a minimum of $50 in the order for it to qualify for free shipping, so this newest program from Apple givescustomers the option to save some dough […]

Black Friday For 2011: Summary Of Apple Discounted Products And Even More


Tommorow Black Friday will be starting off just on that day, after Thanksgiving, which is obviously today. Many customers are offered with small term sales on various different products. Though Apple may not always be willing to be a part of it, these sales and discounts usually are pretty small. Retailers that sell Apple products […]

Black Friday Being Prepared For By Apple’s Retail Stores


Retail stores and online stores from Apple has already started preparing and promoting their sales that are upcoming for “Black Friday”. It is the day, that after Thanksgiving that most retail stores throw crazy sales for, which it is also the day that marks the beginning of the shopping season for the holidays. It also […]

AT&T Bumps Free iPhone 3GS To A Price Of A Whopping $.99


In a questionable move, the price of the iPhone 3GS has been moved up by AT&T to $.99 just up from being free. After the iPhone 4S was released last October, it was specifically mentioned by Apple in their release to the press that their iPhone 4 and 3GS will be available in capacities of […]