Ban Seeked By Apple Of Samsung’s “UniPad” Galaxy Tab 10.1N In Germany

It has been reported by Dow Jones that Apple has been filing a request for the preliminary injunction that would be banning Samsungs newest Galaxy Tab 10.1N from being sold in Germany. Samsung released the 10.1N in hopes that with it’s newest design tweaks in the variant of the first Galaxy Tab 10.1 which is [...]

Apple Being Ranked 5th Busiest U.S. Online Retail Store During Black Friday

A research company named comScore just today revealed their data regarding the U.S. shipping ranks on Black Friday. It shows sales going strong in the $816 million range, which is up from 26% from the numbers from last year’s Black Friday. The data shows accordingly however, that Apple was the 5th busiest online retail store [...]

Apple Progressing In Making NFC-Enabled iPhone’s, For 2012?

With rumors circulating around the web, of if the iPhone 4S could be including near field communications (NFC) technology. (The rumors were that actually later on guessed to be negative, or not likely). It has been reported although, by Digitimes saying that Apple indeed is to be one of the vendors that are still expected [...]

Craigslist Get’s Taken On By “ShopSavvy”, While Also Adding Mobile Wallet & Marketplace For Selling Stuff

One of the first “oh my god” applications on the Android which is a thanks to it’s own ability to scan a barcode and provide fast price comparisons between online retailers and local ones. The application has ever since been facing pressure from other companies that are competing, which includes Google, though the latest version [...]

Apple Continues To Delete iTunes Match Libraries On November 12th

As it is a number of times that Apple did this while developers were testing the iTunes Match beta, Apple has composed a new email to all developers registered in indicating that they will be once again deleting any iTunes Match libraries. The latest deletion is to be scheduled for tommorow, November 12th. As we [...]

Is Amazon Prepared In Taking On Apple’s Siri With Their Latest Voice Recognition Company Purchase?


It has been reported by The Atlantic that a filing in Securities and Exchange Comission leaks information on Amazon saying that they have bought a voice recognition company called Yap, which shows signs of maybe them attempting to take on Apple and Google in that market share. Though the acquisition was apparently completed in September, [...]

No New Plans For Apple To Support Siri On Older iPhones, Previous To The 4S

In the time that Apple showcased their Siri voice recognition software assistant, the company made it very clear that the feature would be only available on the iPhone 4S only. There was rumors going around that Siri required the iPhone 4S’s faster CPU, but there was a recent hack created that proved this rumor indeed [...]

iOS 5 Battery Issues Fix Continued With User Testing & Internal Support Notices

Apple confirmed last week that they knew that iOS 5 users were experiencing battery life issues within their iOS 5 devices which was caused by some bugs within the new OS. And Apple is working on addressing this with the iOS 5.0.1 which is currently in beta testing of developers. Reported by 9to5Mac, Apple has [...]

Announced By HTC: Details On “Ice Cream Sandwhich” Android Upgrade On Their Upcoming Phones, Including The HTC “Rezound”

It’s been two weeks ever since Google revealed their Ice Cream Sandwhich update with the first device to take it on, which is the Galaxy Nexus. Ever since then a few other manufacterers have shown their products with Android 4.0 installed. HTC was a little cold on this one but, they showed their plans with [...]

Commission in Europe Opens Investigation Into Samsungs Patent Threats Against Apple


This patent dispute is between Samsung and Apple, but has certainly been pretty well-documented as it’s been expanded to encompass a number of different lawsuits and other complaints that were filed by both sides in a few different countries. The offensive portion of Samsung’s case is centered on a 3G-related petents that they own, but [...]