Much Faster Macbook Pros (aka Sandy Bridge) Next Week?

9to5mac seems to believe that there is MacBook Pros that will be released next week sometime. With supplies only becoming more constrained, and with shipments already touching down in select countries, we think a launch next week is likely (between Tuesday and Thursday). That is, of course, if there are no unforeseen circumstances. The newer […]

Zune (discontinued) Creative Director Leading “Xbox 720” Development

It is said that Microsoft will be announcing their next-gen console the “Xbox 720” at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo coming up next June (woah that’s close!). Meanwhile specifics on the next Xbox are not known and kept secret by the beholder, information has been leaked out on who is going to lead the creation […]

Believed By EFF: Seizure and Search of Gizmodo’s “Editors” Computers Was Against The Law

Exclusive images of next-gen iPhone Electronic Frontier Foundations was spoken to by LaptopMag, Civil Liberties Director Jenniffer Granick concludes that the “search and seizure” of the equipment of computers owned by Jason Chen is against the law by both state and federal laws. The equipment owned by Chen was taken by law enforcement citizens because […]