New Product From Apple Will Be Revealed This Year, Says Some Designer

Apparently, according to, Apple is set to reveal a brand new product this year as said by a French designer. As we only have very few details, the designer has said that he has been working with Apple on this new project that will be a creation of a “revolutionary” product that may be […]

Apple Releases New iPad And iPhoto For iPad


I know this is OLD news but just two days ago the new iPad was released (March 7th) and it was not named the “iPad 3”. Apple simply made things more simple, and just named it the next generation iPad. This could be a landmark for newer names for future products, they could simply call […]

Gyroscope Friendly Panorama Posted By Apple Of Their Grand Central Retail Store Opening


The Next Web noted that Apple has just posted a 360-degree panorama of their Grand Central Terminal retail store on the opening day, which shows the big crowds and also the new store generally in context of the huge terminal building. In this panorama it supports gyroscope input on the iOS devices that are supported, […]

Thunderbolt Docking System In Works Of Intel, For PC’s

It has been reported by VR-Zone, that Intel is silently putting the work into making a new standard docking format for the newest Ultrabook platform. The newest docking station would be integrating a Thunderbolt connector, and also a proprietary connector additionally. The newest non-Thunderbolt display port would apparently be utilized as a power source additionally, […]

Your Dream Job: NASA Posts Wanted Sign Over Astronaut Jobs


Are you ready to start a new career as fulfilling Master Chief’s dream as a child before he grew to be 200 years old into the future before he actually could use the Halo Suit?. An Astronaut is definitely the place to start, and if you start ringing the doorbell at NASA’s doorsteps, since the […]

Sprint Rubs In “Unlimited Data” Recently Within iPhone Advertisement


A new commercial by Sprint reveals their unlimited data plan for the iPhone, showing their advantage over their own competitors. There are over half a million apps and counting on the iPhone. Apps that can take you anywhere, do anything. You might say there’s no limit to what this amazing device can do. So the […]

Shipments Of iPad 3 Displays Around 3 Million With January Rumored Release


It was just the day before today, that Digitimes had said and noted that Apple had lowered their fourth-quarter orders for their iPad 2 display components accordingly to take advantage of the production of the iPad 3 components. It was strategically planned by Apple that is apparently involving a boost in production of the parts […]

Apple Employees Created Music Video Teaching Customer Skills For Serving Customers

This video was made by all of the staff at the Apple Retail Store as a way to entertain, and train their workers the customer service strategy. This strategy was based upon the Ritz Carlton Hotel, which is widely known as the gold standard in customer service, allowing workers from Apple Retail Stores to help […]

App “Apple Store” For iOS Updated To Newest Self-Checkout System For Apple Retail Stores

Lining up with the report from the weekend previously, is now in operation as Apple has updated their Apple Store application for iOS, [App Store] with the newest support for their self-checkout function at the company’s retail stores worldwide. What’s New in Version 2.0 – Personal Pickup: Buy in the app and choose to pick […]

Apple’s Newly Built Fifth Ave Store Cube Fully Built

Meanwhile the Fifth Avenue Apple retail store in Manhattan is not set to open until 10:00AM in the morning, construction crews have finished their work on the revamped glass cube, completely showing the streamlined design for the very first time ever. Macrumors reader Vincent sent some photos along with the new cube, which only takes […]