Which Web Browser Should I Be Using For Windows & Mac?

Question: There is at least 10 or more web browsers that are known to man right now, which one should I use?. Answer: My history.. Web browsers have changed in popularity dramatically in the past 10-15 years. My own history of the browsers I’ve used is back and forth. I go with what I like, […]

How To Clear Cache In Firefox

Hey all, I guess you all want to clear your Cache in Firefox, so check out the directions below to see how to do that. 1. Go to the top left of your Firefox web browser, and click on the Orange button that says Firefox. 2. Now move your mouse over to Options, then click […]

Introducing Shumway, An Alternative To Adobe’s Flash Player

The fate of Flash within Ubuntu is completely uncertainty, which is uncertainty within not knowing if Adobe’s Flash player for Linux will be getting many more newer features, as Adobe will be continuing to give security updates to Flash on Linux 11.2 for the next five years which is what we do know right now. […]

Songbird 1.9 Get’s An Update

Songbird, the popular open source, itunes alternative music jukebox by Mozilla and made for Windows and Mac has received an update while going up to v1.9. The fixes include the following below: Play Queue You can upen up the display pane on the far right side of the app and choose the option “Play Queue” […]

Firefox For Android Get’s Updated With User Interface Fixes

As previously mentioned last month, Mozilla will be dropping their XUL (eXtensible interface Language, an XML grammar used by Mozilla to create user interfaces for Thunderbird and Firefox) towards using the Android’s own Native user interface alike. Handling Firefox on Android devices was the reason towards the performance increase update. And Mozilla has now announced […]

Another iTunes Alternative For Android Devices

So for me, I have a Samsung Galaxy S with Froyo. I always liked Songbird for it’s openness, and freedom. In other words it’s open source-ness and it’s freeware license. There are numerous plugins for it. It’s made by Mozilla, the maker of the king of all web browsers, Firefox. Anyways, you can use this […]

Firefox 4 Is Out, But With A Catch

I have tested Firefox 4 as it now is available as the default download from Mozilla’s website. There are many sites that do not display properly, like Apple’s Mac OS X Lion webpage which I wanted to see. Comparing some pages that do not display properly wiht Safari helped me see what was really wrong. […]

Internet Explorer, The Most Un-Amazing Web Browser Is Here

At 9 P.M. IE 9 was launched today, which is apparently the best web browser coming from Microsoft to date. IE9 now brings forward a new slick GUI (Guided User Interface), better efficiency, integration with Windows 7, and a whole lot more. Take a look below at the newest browser coming from Microsoft. Improved GUI […]