Will Smartphones Ever Become Cheaper?

This is a huge question, because you remember when Laptops first came out their price tags were well over $1500 for just a basic notebook. Now you can get a Laptop for like $350 with a 15″ screen. That’s not bad at all if you ask me, compared to the first price tags. So since […]

Will You Preorder The iPhone 5 Tommorow?

The iPhone 5 is rumored to come out tommorow, and that’s basically every technology blog on the internet saying this. Of course one blog says something, and the rest repeat it, like here. But I think the math has been done in the past iPhone releases, but let’s start from the bottom and make our […]

Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich Is Only Installed Onto 7% Of Devices, Gingerbread Now 65%

Apparently, only 7 out of every 100 Android smartphones are running the 4.0 version of Android, called Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s the most recent firmware update available. This is the story that is said in the latest edition of the Android Platform Versions chat. As much of a piss off as 7.1% is, it’s quite […]

Finally It’s Confirmed, Invitations Given By Apple For iPad 3 Media Event For March 7th

After all of the rumors going around on Mac blogs all over the internet saying that there may or may not be an actual new iPad 3 coming out, well now it’s official and Apple is confirming this, not some “reliable source”. With it being reported by The Loop, the newest event is being scheduled […]

Two iPhones With Siri Talking To Each Other (Video)

[youtube XBRXA8zmJr8] The video is short, but as you can see a man took two iPhone 4S’s and made them talk to each other as they both have Siri on them. It is pretty funny, and interesting but them talking to each other, if you want to call them “them”, is something that only goes […]

Consumer Electronics Show For 2012: iOS Game Controller “iCade” Expands Models


iOn Audio’s own regular iPad iCade had began it’s own life as a April Fool’s joke from ThinkGeek though it has ever since became one of the best supported iOS game controller accessories. If you are not aware about it, it’s a very small little controller and or cabinet that allows you to stand your […]

Microsoft Takes On iOS Gaming With New Game Called “Kinectimals”


It was today that Microsoft took a huge step into the gaming platform, of the iOS with the newest release of the game Kinectimals. This new game, which is aiming to be played by children actually involves the interaction with virtual animals, which this game was debuted just last year on the Xbox 360 as […]

Phil’s Endrosement Followed By “Flipboard” Coming To iPhone


The quite famous social magazine called Flipboard, announced today with the release of the the universal version of their last iPad app, including the compatability for the iPod Touch and iPhone. The app allows you to collect a large amount of information from different sources that includes social networks, sites for news, also blogs, which […]

Logging Software Called “Carrier IQ” Discovered Within Countless Mobile Phones

In the past two days, there’s been a high amount of news from the press after the discovery of Trevor Eckhart who has revealed the the massive amount of logging software overall throughout most Android, BlackBerry and Nokia smartphones. The extent of this logging was shown in a video, that was posted and briefly shown […]

Craigslist Get’s Taken On By “ShopSavvy”, While Also Adding Mobile Wallet & Marketplace For Selling Stuff

One of the first “oh my god” applications on the Android which is a thanks to it’s own ability to scan a barcode and provide fast price comparisons between online retailers and local ones. The application has ever since been facing pressure from other companies that are competing, which includes Google, though the latest version […]