iMac Displays Replaced With iPad Displays At Apple Retail Stores


The iMac’s within Apple’s retail store displays for kids has been recently replaced with iPads apparently. It was first noticed by iMore, as this new switch is a very clear sign of the decision that the company is making for a new direction in marketing, in regards to their younger customer base aswell. The kid’s […]

Phil Schiller’s Position Title Tweaked By Apple: Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing

The Next Web noted, that Apple has silently changed the title of marketing chief Phil Schiller, which drops “Product” from his own previous title as the “Senior Vice President” with Worldwide Product Marketing. As the report is saying, though, it’s unsure if the new title of Senior Vice President for Worldwide Marketing is reflecting a […]

Over 300,000 iPads Sold on First Day, Well Done Apple


Announced this morning by Apple, they have sold over 300,000 iPads on their first release date. These sales of course are deliveries of pre-ordered iPads and their sales through their own Apple Retail Stores with shipments to their partners. Also revealed by Apple, one million applications from Apple’s App Store and 250,000 eBooks their iBookstore […]