$300 Million Invested In Nook By Microsoft To Compete With Apple & Amazon For E-Book Market

Barnes & Noble and Microsoft today revealed the newest formation of the Barnes & Noble subsidiary that is going to be focused around the current Nook digital e-reader and e-book business aswell, and last but not least the Barnes & Noble college business. Microsoft is investing $300 million in this subsidiary too, which is the [...]

Strong Market For Used iPhones Benefitting Consumers, Apple And Carriers

It has been reported by AllThingsD regarding a very recent research coming from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) in analyzing the bigest impact from the secondary iPhone market, which this portion of iPhones that are used which are then resold or even given away when users decide to upgrade to a newer model. It was [...]

Samsung To Compete Against Apple In Market With “Retina” Display Tablet

The battle that is currently ongoing with Samsung and Apple might be getting alot more intense coming this February. It has been reported by BGR that Samsung is in preporations to release their own high resolution 11.6″ tablet which will have a resolution of 2560 x 1600. Even though the tablet features a larger display [...]

Tether Explains Apple Pulled iTether Because Of Burden Of Carrier

A statement has been issued by Tether, giving their story of why Apple removed their iTether application from the App Store, which was hours just after it officially went on sale. There has been no comments to the public from Apple for obvious reasons, but it is explained to Tether that the capability of using [...]

iPad’s Success Continues, As Non-iPad Markets Being Led By Touchpad Fire Sales In U.S.

A new study was released today by the NPD firm of non-iPad tablet sales within the U.S., which goes to show that the sell-through is remaining to be very small in comparison to Apple’s dominating share in this market. The report says accordingly, that about 1.2 million non-iPad tablets were being sold in the U.S. [...]

Apple Excited In Recently Being Globe’s Best Selling PC Vendor With Tablets Too

Canalys the research firm has said today that Apple is appearing to be becoming the globe’s biggest PC manufacturer, by the volume only if the iPad and other tablets are a part of those figures. It shows the company already within the ranks leaving them directly below HP, though Canalys is not sure if Apple [...]

Installing & Uninstalling Android OS Applications

To install an Android application: 1. Go to the Android Market. 2. Find an application to install by using the search feature and by looking down the list. 3. Each app comes with a description and review with comments, read over it all before you install a crappy app. 4. Just agree to the terms [...]

Notebook Sharing Added By Evernote, With Skitch Links, Lastly Widgets For MicroSD Users

Source: Androinica

The app everyone apparently uses for note-taking and memory-aiding, called Evernote has added three additional and quite often requested features into their app on the Android. It was on November 17th that Evernote revealed that consumers can share their laptops and get more feature goodness out of it. It has now been allowed by Evernote [...]

Nook Tablet Obtains Appstore By Amazon, Kindle Fire Obtains Android Market

The specific reason that Amazon, and Barnes & Noble started selling their Android tablets for super low prices was because of the intention of the companies to lock in buyers into their own systems and sell their content. But because of Android users who are not much for being locked in at all, this should [...]

With Dozens Of Android App Markets, Which One Will YOU Choose?

There are those apps you find in the market that are the most downloaded, and there are those apps you find in advertisements that claim are free, and that’s where they make their money in their apps, within the ads on the application itself. But anyways it’s a win-win situation when we get a free [...]