Apple Slips Past Android In Fourth Quarter U.S. Smartphone Annual Sales

It has been reported by Reuters within the newest data from the research company Kantar Worldpanel ComTech which shows that Apple has already moved past the Android in the most narrow margins within the fourth quarter in the sales of U.S. smartphones, and the iPhone is now taking about 44.9% of the market and the [...]

Apple`s Mac App Store Now One Year Old, Numbers Shared By Aspyr

This current day marks the one-year annual anniversary for the release of the Mac App Store, which is the attempt of Apple to reproduce the software market by offering it through an online store rather than by the box in their usual offering in their online retail store. Their store provides Mac apps linked to [...]

iOS & Android Control 80% Of Smartphone Sales Within United States Now

NPD the market research firm today issued a press release discussing the newer trends within the U.S. smartphone sales within 2011 as being compared to years previously, which a strong note of the growth in the iOS and Android which has led the way for both platforms to represent now a strong control of the [...]

50% Market Share Taken By Android In Smartphone Sales, Though Apple Still Most Profitable

Gartner, the research firm released their results of the worldwide mobile smartphone sales for the third quarter of 2011, and they have once again revealed how the purchases are delayed ahead of the iPhone 4S that has resulted in a dip in the sales of units, and the market share for Apple. The report says [...]