Lenovo Showcases TV Sandwhiched With Google’s Latest Android OS (With Voice Recognition)

Apparently, there has been rumors of Apple releasing their own actual Television set, and according to Cnet Lenovo is attempting to make an entry into the market themselves just before Apple, with a taste of Google’s own Android OS “Ice Cream Sandwich”, with voice recognition to compete with only a rumor of Apple using Siri [...]

Steve Jobs, Apple TV Set: “I Cracked The Code”

Source: Macrumors.com

Hints of an actual Apple TV set were going around for a number of years. If they can make a LCD monitor for computers, why not a TV?. Apple, as a company has expressed their doubts and have remained in denial of entering a product like that into the market. Job’s even himself made note [...]

Preporation by Apple to release 27-inch LED Cinemas, with a Mac Pro refresh by June?

Reported by AppleInsider, Apple is apparently about to release a 27-inch LED Cinema Display and also a replacement of the Mac Pro lineup, which could be revealed by “June” for both devices. The huge 27-inch LED display is going to be equipped with the same panel that’s being used in Apple’s 27-inch iMac and also [...]