Apple Trying Taller iPhone Prototypes With 3.95″ 1136×640 Dispaly?

It has been reported by 9to5Mac that Apple is currently testing out two different prototypes of a possible next-generation iPhone that will be offering a much taller screen while keeping the current 640-pixel width still. The report says that the two prototypes are coming with a height of about 1136 pixels, which is going up [...]

Upcoming MacBook Air Update Focusing On Retina Screens Aswell?

Ever since the rumors had began of a super high-resolutionized “Retina” displays for the upcoming MacBook Pro’s started, there has been a high increase in the amount of reports coming from numerous sources saying even more rumors of even the iMac getting a Retina display. Fans of the MacBook Air are awaiting the news to [...]

For Music & Smartphones, There Are No Oranges, Just Apples


The iPhone when paired with iTunes is the only reason I like that phone. I like the easy-to-use interface, and the non-duplicate-songs enabled feature. It’s not really a feature, but a part of the software. Most home stereos support iPods or iPhones for music playback, most people that want an iPod get the iPhone because [...]

Samsung Continuing To Provoke Apple Fans With New Superbowl Advertisement For Galaxy Note

Another commercial was aired by Samsung and this time in the name of the Super Bowl, with a similar commercial to the last one that mocks Apple fans. Inside this advertisement, it is being pushed heavily by Samsung with the enwest Samsung Galaxy Note. [youtube qxiV56w9Qc] Just like the ads that are previous to this [...]

Reference For Next Gen iPhone (5,1) And iPad In iOS 5.1 Beta


The beta for iOS 5.1 has seemed to show off a crapload of product ids with more exposure to the iPad 2,4 and also the codename of J33 for the Apple Television. The part number that has been discovered to this date coming from iOS 5.1 is the iPhone 5,1 which is noted by @FillippoBiga [...]

Apple Stacking Up 4″ Screens In Stock For Upcoming iPhone?

It has been claimed by Macotakara, that the Displays from Hitachi and Sony’s Display Corporation have started shipping out 4″ LCD’s for the newest upcoming iOS device, which is rumored to be released next year sometime in September. According to Asian source, Hitachi Displays, Ltd. and Sony Mobile Display Corporation started to ship 4-inch LCD [...]

Slimmer iPad 3 Coming Soon With Lower-Powered Retina Display?

Rumors are speculating of a 2048×1536 resolution display for the iPad 3 which has been going around for awhile now, though the display’s effectiveness on the tablets form factor is debatable still. A form of a claim which was released earlier this month, contained information regarding Apple being required of two different light bars to [...]

The Competition Is Already Shaking In Their Boots Regarding Apple’s Television Set Plans

It has been reported by AllThingsD, on a just recent research that is noted by an analyst named Peter Misek, that suggests that manufacturers are already basically scrambling and shaking in their boots in a reaction to the claims that Apple is in preporations to enter the television set market very soon. Rather than being [...]

Super Thin 15″ Mac On It’s Way According To Sources

Current MacBook Air

Macotakara has written a follow-up report for Macrumors’s July report of work on a ultra-super-thin 15″ Mac Notebook that it may be getting closer to being released very soon: according to asian source, Apple seems already to have finished to develop MacBook Air 15″ LCD test component to add its line-up and to go product [...]

Steve Jobs, Apple TV Set: “I Cracked The Code”


Hints of an actual Apple TV set were going around for a number of years. If they can make a LCD monitor for computers, why not a TV?. Apple, as a company has expressed their doubts and have remained in denial of entering a product like that into the market. Job’s even himself made note [...]