Thinner MacBook Pro On It’s Way For WWDC

It has been confirmed by Bloomberg from a report made earlier today in regards to Apple, saying that they are expected to release a much thinner MacBook Pro with a Retina display aswell. These models are going to be revealed at the WWDC which is being hosted by Apple on June 11th, and they will […]

Apple Suspending MobileMe/iCloud Email Push Within Germany Because Of Lawsuit


It was noted by Engadget, that Apple had informed all customers that a “Push email service” has been suspended for the MobileMe and iCloud customers in Germany mainly because of the successful patent litigation brought in by Motorola Mobility. Affected customers will still receive iCloud and MobileMe email, but new messages will be downloaded to […]

Apple Almost Switched To AMD In 2011, For MacBook Air


In a profile of AMD that is just upcoming, it has been reported by Forbes that the processor company’s Llano family of combined “Fusion” CPU-GPU systems were incredibly something that Apple was considering to be using as their own brains behind their MacBook Air in 2011 for that revision. Though AMD did not make it […]

Is it OK to have a boring laptop?

I can say that I will agree that the 13-inch MacBook Pro is a winner for it’s title of being a “Pro” in the MacBook lineup, even though it’s now only either an “Air” lineup or a “Pro” lineup and the regular MacBooks are no longer. With the rumors speculating on a new Apple notebook […]

MacBook Air Lineup Getting Update, Along With 15″ Model Around 1Q 2012?

It has been reported by Digitimes that an update has been set for the MacBook Air by Apple, for earlier next year. Now with a 15″ model that will be appearing on the side of the refreshed 11.6″ and 13.4″ models. It’s reported that the update will be taking place around the first quarter of […]

Launch Of Thicker Apple iPad 3 In March? w/ 4″ Display?


It has been offered by iLounge the series of bits and pieces of the “most reliable source” that is regarding the product plans of Apple for 2012, which reports a that the iPad, iPhone and MacBook Pro will be receiving newer designs. – iPad: This source has indicated that the newer iPad 3 is going […]

Super-Thin Laptop Due For Match 2012 From Apple?

It has been reported by Digitimes that a generally small amount of components for the 15″ super-thin laptop from Apple will be shipping currently this month with mass shipments of the laptop start ing in the beginning of Match 2012. Upstream suppliers of Apple have recently started shipping a small volume of components for a […]

Lawsuit Reaches Settlement Over MagSafe Connecters Being Frayed

Today, Apple posted a new document of support aimed towards showing the things to do if people go through strain relief issues with their “T” style MagSafe power cables for a number of their laptops. The issues that are long-standing, is that fraying happens on these cables which is resulting in Apple redesigning the MagSafe […]

Apple Moves Their MacBook Pro’s Up With CPU, Graphics And Storage Upgrades

It was October 24th, that Apple released a small update for their MacBook Pro line, providing an upgraded CPU, Graphics, and better Storage options. In some of the options given when choosing a MacBook Pro to purchase, the prices are almost the same for the graphics and or storage choices as the previous MacBook Pro’s. […]

U.S. PC Market Share Of Apple Goes Up To 12.9% for 3Q 2011

In the firm of Gartner, research has been done today and has been released to show the preliminary PC shipment data for the third fiscal quarter of 2011. It shows a picture of the market performance during this quarter. Pushing from the strength of the release of the MacBook Air, Apple went through an aggressive […]