Dell Releasing “Streak Pro GS01” Dual Core Phone On March 8th, In Japan


It has been quite awhile ever since Dell has ever released their own Android-based gadgets, though you’d be quite happy to know that this American electronics multinational company is still breathing, and moving and thinking about us geeks that love Android devices, according to Androinica. And to the very least I suppose, as the latest […]

Deals For Apple Customers From Asia This Friday Hailed “Red Friday”


Customers have started to be informed by Apple recently in a number of markets in Asia about their Friday sale which is a oneday event for shopping to celebrate the “Lunar New Year”. Hailed as “Red Friday”, this event is alot like to Apple’s own Black Friday regarding the deals given in many different locations […]

Appeal Of Samsung’s Australian Galaxy Tab Ban Tracked Fast By Apple As They Target Resellers

As reported by The Sydney Morning Herald, an Australian judge agreed to “fast-track” Samsungs appeal of injunction keeping the company from selling it’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 in that specific country. It was previously announced by Samsung that they would likely back out of the device’s launch in the country of Australia entirely if Apple was […]

AHEM, Japan Relief

Last March 11, obviously a 9.0 earthquake hit Japan. Not just any earthquake, it was the most powerful one recorded in history of man kind. It also triggered a giant tsunami. Eversince, the coast of Japan has be struck by aftershocks over the 150 mark. These effects of the disasters have given many japanese families […]

iPad Causes Long Lines Worldwide

The Tablet created by Apple called the iPad was released worldwide over the night in about 9 countries. Super long lines were known to be in numurous locations with pictures posted from Italy, Sydney, Paris and also a video from Japan. Noted by Reuters, the flagship store by Apple in Tokyo’s own Ginza supplied a […]