2012 Macworld: “Ready” To Be Doing Applications For iOS, MyBook Of WDC Thunderbolt Duo

The Macworld aka iWorld for 2012 has just started off this morning in San Francisco with the newest opening of the expo show floor. And for numerous years, Macworld was a major player in the trade show for Apple in announcing newer products. This venue was the releasing ground for the iPhone way back in […]

Middle-Range And Also Higher-End iPad 3 Models Being Released Within iWorld Not Likely

There’s been a number of rumors going around saying that the next generation iPad that is being expected to be released sometime in 2012. The source stating this is Digitimes for a number of these reports coming in, though these claims are starting to increase and become questionable. The newest report from the newest publication […]

Macworld Expo Renamed “Macworld|iWorld” For 2012

It’s been years that Macworld’s Expo has been named and served as one of the events for product announcements made by Apple. With January being the event in San Francisco, particularly being the stage for some of the greatest announcements like the iPhone. It was last presented by Apple at the Macworld Expo in January […]