New Bond Movie Trailer Falls To Earth; Skyfall

The very first trailer for the new Bond movie which is the 23rd James Bond movie ever has arrived and it’s made a mess while hitting earth head on. As it tells all of us very little, I am definitely still looking very forward to this movie, Skyfall. As we can see some good examples […]

Peazip, An Archive Manager The Size Of A Pea

Nothing beats a an archive manager or file extracter the size of a pea, and that is for Windows and Linux. It’s not for Mac of course, and I’m okay with that since there is always muCommander. I’ve been using this archive manager for quite some time, after getting tired of using ExtractNow because it […]

So The iPad 3 Will Be Thicker, But Will It Work With Smart Covers??


A blog named Macotakara has claimed to have some details coming from a supplier in Asia that the newer iPad’s will be having a screen with the same dimensions physically as the most current iPads, and will also be supporting the Smart Covers though they may be even more thick. According to Asian supplier which […]

Apple’s Name Brought Up In Lawsuit Against Carrier IQ’s Privacy Issues

Just late last week three law firms announced (through BGR) a filing of a class action lawsuit directly against Apple, Carrier IQ, and also five other different companies over the issues of privacy that is related to the logging software supplied by Carrier IQ. The defendants list is including also the hardware manufacturers Samsung, HTC, […]

Carrier IQ Unsupported By Apple Now Within iOS 5, Complete Removal Coming Soon

With the discovery of Carrier IQ, the logging software firm that has created the software specifically to send data back and forth to carriers, has been something that Apple has issued a statement about to AllThingsD, saying that they have stopped supporting Carrier IQ in iOS 5 with most of their products and which they […]

Want To See Who’s Calling You, Beyond Your Standard Caller ID?

The app for the Android smartphone OS is here. It’s called “No 1 Caller LookUp” which is among one of the many apps out there that all do the same thing. It basically looks up incoming phone calls in real time, showing it’s country, city, callers name if available, and even warns you if the […]

My Experience With Acer/Emachine Computers Or Any Other PC’s In General

Firstly, according to Wikipedia: “eMachines was acquired by Gateway, Inc. in March 2004 for $262 million in cash and shares. Under the deal, Wayne Inouye, CEO of eMachines, became CEO of Gateway, replacing founder Ted Waitt. It remains a stand-alone brand that is sold through retailers, catalog and online merchandisers. Gateway itself was purchased by […]

More Android Security Threats: Google Android security tool discovered in China, “Trojanized”?

Code that is very suspicious is traveling around in a Chinese version of the Google tool package revealed just last weekend to from a distance clean out malicious applications off Android phones, said today by Symantec. This version of the package that is apparently “trojanized” was discovered on a very unregulated foreign Chinese marketplace and […]