Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code Released By Google

Developers can now download the new update apparently and it is said that Ice Cream Sandwich will be open sourced just shortly after the revealing of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, although the code has actually been made publicly just before the release of Google’s latest benchmarking phone. Member of the Android Open Source Project and […]

Asus’s Transformer Prime Integrates Android’s “Honeycomb” Into Tablet For $499

It was previously displayed by ASUS of their Transformer Prime, eh?. Sounds like something they are trying to use to promote the Transformers movies. It looks like a sleek follow-up to the tablet introduced by ASUS last year, which was the ASUS Eeepad Transformer, though we have still been forced into guessing what we have […]

Announced By HTC: Details On “Ice Cream Sandwhich” Android Upgrade On Their Upcoming Phones, Including The HTC “Rezound”

It’s been two weeks ever since Google revealed their Ice Cream Sandwhich update with the first device to take it on, which is the Galaxy Nexus. Ever since then a few other manufacterers have shown their products with Android 4.0 installed. HTC was a little cold on this one but, they showed their plans with […]